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OPINION: Makinde Without Political Godfathers | Yusuff Wasiu


The People of Oyo State can now sleep with their two eyes closed, having Seyi Makinde as their Governor as People will no longer witness a situation where a few persons decide the fate of the entire people.

This will be made possible since Seyi Makinde does not have any political godfather because of his strong views on salient issues that affect the lives of the state.

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His only Godfather is God as well as ordinary people on the street who is his driven force, though this sounds as a cliche but it is true.

Oyo State has been led by leaders with Godfathers who made their administrations tedious terrains.

Convincingly, Makinde is yet to see that human who is bigger than God. And because he believes firmly that it is He who has mandated him to embark on this journey.

As things stand, Makinde if given the opportunity to serve,will not be someone who will be put in the pocket, manipulate and swing around like many others with Godfather or Godmother.

Makinde is a man of impeccable pedigree and has unblemished records whose integrity has never been questioned and he is someone who has been working his talking even before he threw his hat in the ring and his words will be bonded if given the opportunity.

Without mincing words, after critically studying his roadmap for the state, he has a plan to improve the economic life of the people through infrastructure development and agricultural scheme where the present administration ceased and I can beat my chest to that effect and he will never renege on his pledges.

His commitment to make Oyo State a second to none and make the State production hub with comparative advantage is incontrovertible.

Makinde’s program is all about the interest of the people and which one will favour our people the more. I am sure that our people in Oyo State are patriotic enough to know that, Makinde has been doing his best and will do more on what he needs to do for the people.

Sincerely speaking, Makinde will run all inclusive, people-focused, people-oriented and participatory government who will carry everybody along irrespective of their political party lines, traditional rulers, the civil society and the people of the state will be fully galvanized and co-opted .

I am very confident that Makinde will engage more youths to become leaders of tomorrow unlike the charades youth empowerment which is not quantifiable .However, good governance that relates to both the followership and leadership has always been at the Vanguard of Makinde for many years.

Makinde is a visionary man who has been engaging with the people to know what exactly their priority is. One of the things that he will put in the front burner is an increased communication and engagement with the people of Oyo State. There is so much arrogance and presumption of limitless power that people think they don’t need to consult with the people they lead and this will not be the character of Makinde.

It is an open secret that, some people begged to secure the tickets of their various parties but in the case of Makinde, he never went to anybody’s house to beg for ticket. His ticket is the people and it is in the light of this that, he will not shortchange the state and the people.

It is an undeniable fact that, a number of candidates begged their political godfathers to force others who keenly contested to step down for them in the race, and, he who pays the pauper dictates the tone.

Buy and large, Makinde would provide opportunities for people wandering in the streets and give them a sense of belonging in his government.

Yusuf Wasiu is a Media Analyst and public commentator.

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