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OPINION: Bayo Adelabu And The Genuineness To Serve | Lawal Monsur


As the election draws near, many individuals are jostling for the gubernatorial seat. No doubt, this year electioneering process has paraded an array of good candidates. Amongst the good there can only be a BEST!

Oyo State have witnessed the governance of the conservative and progressive parties for years, one must take time to disect what development these two political groups have brought to the table of our dear state and how directly has it better the lives of a common citizen. In as much as one would love to leave that to the court of the good people of Oyo State, one must say that the forthcoming gubernatorial election should be about the genuineness to serve and the sincerity attached to it.

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 People always say politicians are the same, owing to many fake promises they dish out in time like this. As humans, one may quickly conclude that the assertion is very much right because individual’s mind cannot be read. Failure to elect good leaders because of this assertion of ours will be catastrophic to the deliverance of government with human face in our society.

Though, we cannot read minds but there is something we cannot take away from every individual seeking position to elective offices and that is their character which is  foundation to what their government will look like.Their Personality is a trait that will reflect as they go on with their day to day activities in their respective offices, this we must pay attention to in a bid to make a good choice.

Amongst all candidates vying for the governorship seat in the pace setter state, many are obvious as better candidate but the Best of them all is CHIEF ADEBAYO ADELABU of the All Progressive Congress (APC) owing to reasons not far from being fetched.

1. It is an obvious fact that Oloye Adelabu Adebayo is the most brilliant, dynamic, intelligent and youngest among the major contenders. Adebayo Adelabu has efficiently risen to the peak of his career having worked in both public and private sectors with excellent track records.

2. In his personal business, this is the man who has majority of his investment in the state and this has served as means of employing over 600 citizens of the state who worked at different levels. A great man who takes the welfarism of his workers a priority. It is amazing to let you know that his workers salary were never delayed not for  a single day.

3. His policies cut across agriculture, housing, sports, education, infrastructure and lots more. You cannot give what you don’t have and that is why antecedent cum experience comes to play in time like this. He is an expert when it comes to agriculture, housing and sports which covers his major investment in the state and that is enough to leverage on that these sectors will not only be in a good shape but also be felt by the citizens of the state.

4. Education is the key to societal development. A state constitutes by literates will be easy to govern and that is why priority will be given to education under his administration. The genuineness and sincerity of Bayo Adelabu to this sector can be felt at various angles.

As the School Governing Board Chairman of Lagelu Grammar School, he has done excellently well by uplifting the face of the school and as individual, who understands that staffs/teachers are very much important, he make sure that all teachers receive extra bonus aside their monthly salary. This is a boost and motivation for them to take good care of the cognitive well-being of the students.

As the deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, he facilitated the building of Hostel in University of Ibadan, Graduate School of Economics and Banking built by CBN which worth over #15Billion among others.

On students welfarism, Chief Adebayo Adelabu has been a supporter of Scholarship Award of Central Council of Ibadan Indigene (CCII) for over 10years and he has never made needless noise about it. 

Giving out annual Busary and Scholarship Awards by Bayo Adelabu Foundation to students took less than a month for actualisation and disbursement, and that shows how EFFICIENT the man will be when elected as the Governor of Oyo State.

Whereas some candidates disburse bursary to less than 1000 students after three years of documents submission, amidst charade and unnecessary glamour, which can be tagged as being cunny. The welfarism of Oyo indigene should be done sincerely without attaching it to a political goal. Oloye Adelabu Adebayo has proven to ba a sincere man who puts the welfare of people as priority and need not make unnecessary noise over such acts.

Good people of Oyo State, even when we know that politicians are full of lies to get people’s votes in time like this, Adebayo Adelabu has genuinely distinguished himself by the aforementioned track records which has been in existence before unveiling his ambition and he deserves our ultimate support.

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