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OPERATION AMOTEKUN: Yoruba Is Never United | YSO Elodyper


Many stakeholders have spoken for and against the launching of the Southwest Security Network codenamed OPERATION AMOTEKUN. I had my reservations since the first day the idea was mooted by our Governors in the Yoruba land. Why? Because Yoruba is never United for anything good unlike the Hausa/Fulani, the Igbos, the Ijaws and other ethnic nationalities.

It’s visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that we’re not United, hence the reason we’re retogressing. In fact, the born-to-rule people in the Northern part of the country have been taking undue advantage of this since pro-independence era. Sadly, we never learn anything.

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This disunity was again affirmed when three of the six governors were conspicuously absent at the most important event in the history of our Yoruba land and Nigeria at large. Forget about representation!

Dear Governors Oyetola, Sanwo-Olu and Dapo Abiodun, what could be more important than the security of lives & properties of your people? Your flimsy reasons (as highlighted below) are not tenable. History will never forgive you if OPERATION AMOTEKUN fails, all in the name of politics and self-angradisement.

I must emphasise that your reasons (below) are not pleasant to hearings.

• Local politics prevented me from attending  Amotekun launch – Abiodun

• Bad weather prevented me from attending Ibadan event – Sanwo-Olu

• Oyetola attended to matters that were as important as Amotekun – Aide

I will not rush to conclude this article until the trio of you rethink, retrace  your steps and also tender unreserved apologies to the people of Southwest that voted you to powers.

We must understand that many elements within and outside Yoruba do not pray for the success of the Operation AMOTEKUN. I don’t want to believe you’re part of the people, though you seem to be giving cosmetic supports for the sake of it.

Yoruba Ronu! A word is enough for the wise.

A former Lagos State Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni, says the new South-West security outfit, Amotekun, will be allowed to carry Dane guns just like the way hunters are allowed to do.

Owoseni, who is the Special Adviser to the Oyo State Governor on Security, said this during an interview on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Friday.

When asked if the Amotekun would be allowed to use Dane guns, he said, “(Yes) if it is necessary for them to use in some instances because hunters do carry their Dane guns with their dogs. Those are their tools and it is not illegal.”

He, however, explained that the Amotekun would not run a detention facility but would purely be an intelligence-gathering group.

When asked if they would be allowed to make arrests, the retired CP said, “The power they have to make arrests is the same power you have. Every citizen has the power of arrest. When you arrest, you take to the police station. That is the same power. They are not going to operate a detention facility. It is non-state actors participating in security.”

The governor’s aide said the idea of Amotekun originated from a paper presented by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development.

He said the paper was adopted by the Nigeria Police Force and was thus not inimical to the security structure of the country.

The governor’s aide said Amotekun would act like CCTVs and be a source of intelligence to the conventional security forces.

The retired officer said Amotekun was not different from the local vigilantes like the uniformed neighbourhood watch in Lagos State.

Owoseni said the North-Central states had also operated a similar outfit known as the G8 in the past.

He added, “They (Amotekun) are vigilantes but South-West is just formalising them like different states have one vigilante group or the other. Even in Oyo State, the police command had been working with the vigilantes who are registered at every area command.

“The procedure and the guidelines for the support and harnessing them with the non-state actors and the conventional security were drawn by DFID the Force headquarters bought into it. A strategic paper was prepared and it was out of that the Nigeria Police issued the Force Order guidelines on community partnership with the police.

“So, it is not a new thing. The networking thing is not new. There used to be a G8 for the North-Central when I was in the FCT command. The G8 then was formed by the governors of the North-Central as the conventional security people but this one being done with the South-West are the community people, non-state actors.”

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