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Olumide Ojerinde: Five Incredible Reasons He Deserves The Second Term | Kunle Animashaun


There is no better time to critically and deeply think about the future of our constituency than now when all parties are electing their flag bearers for the next general election slated for 2023. Right from the inception of the fourth republic in 1999, our constituency has to keep toiling the same counterproductive path with the same dismal outcome. The three towns that constitute our constituency have at one time or the other been fully and equally represented in the green chambers with little or nothing to show after the expiration of their four years in office. We are all witnesses to the events of the past 23 years. In a sense, with the social-economic potential of our constituency, it is demoralizing to note that we are still stuck in the quicksand of backwardness – running around the same vicious circle.

Agreeably, as Kwame Nkrumah ingenuously declared: seek ye first the political kingdom and all else shall be added unto it. Perhaps quite simply, political power at the National Assembly should be a vehicle for transformation, enlightenment, and development. Sadly, in our case, it has turned into the harbinger of suffering and despair. In so far as we keep taking the same counterintuitive political steps and recycling the same old sentiments steeped in power rotation over and over again, we must never expect any meaningful and sustainable development to happen.

Assuredly, as Albert Einstein brilliantly captured it: insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Whatever opinion we might hold as far as the next election is concerned; the overall interest of our constituency should be our priority. Therefore, we must strive collectively to make this dream a reality. Incidentally, first-timers in the tradition of the National Assembly are considered benchwarmers – but as the sterling performance of Honorable Ojerinde has clearly shown, he has no doubt turned the tide and made a case for himself.

Equally important to note is that no single House of Representative member from our constituency from 1999 has and is likely to be considered for Principal officials of the house or chairman of influential committees. The reason is not far-fetched: in as much as we continue to repeat the same appalling practice – we would continue to be sidelined. The irony of this is that, except if we change our mentality, no one from this part of the country would ever have the chance of being a Principal Officer in the house. This to me should tickle even the most cynical opponent to the second-term ambition of Honorable Olumide Ojerinde. In other words, the second term ambition of the Honorable is far more about the interest of the constituency and less about his interest.
Incontrovertibly, Honorable Olumide Ojerinde gingerly stands a chance to re-write the story of neglect, and marginalization that have crippled the development of our constituency into one of progress and prosperity.

Undoubtedly, he is the man to beat, the right man for the job. He has paid his due and certainly deserved re-election. As a legislature, his constitutional duties are tripartite exercises: lawmaking, representation, and oversight functions. He has performed astoundingly well in those areas and beyond, based on available statistics. He has sponsored bills to improve a lot of people across the board. The federal medical bill once signed into law by the President would radically transform the health sector of the constituency in a way never before imagined.

Impressively, Honorable Ojerinde equally knows how to carry people along irrespective of their affiliations and inclinations. He understands the place of belongingness in the anal of socio-political engagement. That was why he has never placed one town above the other in his dealings. He gave all towns equal treatment. As a master in human relations, he has never minced words or missed a chance to relate with people seamlessly when necessary. Honorable Olumide Ojerinde is by far the most reliable, competent, tested, and trusted aspirant for the Irepo, Olorunsogo, and Oorelope federal constituency ticket. He should be supported by all and sundry.

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