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OLUBADAN: Group Tackles Makinde Over Olakunlehin’s Delayed Installation, Treatment Of Oyo Obas As Mere Civil Servants



Concerned about Governor ‘Seyi Makinde’s statement that Owolabi Olakulehin would be installed Olubadan when he is medically fit, a group of Ibadan indigenes, Ibile G-7, has expressed displeasure.

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The group in a statement, a copy of which was received by OYOINSIGHT.COM, said that it was worrisome that such a statement could come from a highly-placed Ibadan son.

Makinde, this newspaper recalled, had yesterday at the final burial of late Oba Lekan Balogun, said Olakulehin, who is the next line would be installed when he is strong enough.

The group cautioned Makinde against further treatment of Oyo traditional rulers as mere civil servants.



* the governor alluded to the fact the process of selection of the new Olubadan was thorough.
* confirmed the receipt of nomination from the Kingmakers.
* Oba would be crowned as soon as he’s medically fit – when has the governor become a medical personnel to declare someone unfit?
* warned to desist from causing dissaffection.

It is regrettable that the statement of the Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde on when the new Olubadan of IbadanLand Oba Owolabi Akinloye Olakulehin would be installed, has ignited and as well caused fresh controversies at a period when the indigenes of Ibadanland have gone to sleep and have forgotten that the issue was over and expecting good news about having a new person on the throne of their fatherland.

The statement by Mr. Governor claiming that Oba Olakulehin would be crowned the new Olubadan as soon as he is medically fit was a big surprise to numerous Ibadan Indigenes. Since the governor made that statement at the final burial of the immediate late Olubadan, His Royal Majesty, Oba Lekan Balogun at the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium in Oke Ado Ibadan Ibadan people are now beginning to worry, as to the reason behind this statement, when it was expected that the governor would have on that day confirmed the date of the coronation of Oba Olakulehin as Olubadan.

We in the Ibile G7 which has prominent Ibadan Indigenes as members are not comfortable with this statement and have started wondering what could have informed governor Makinde’s statement.
We are therefore asking Governor Makinde’ these pertinent questions, which required and deserve urgent answers.

In the first place, who informed the governor that Oba Olakulehin is not medically fit? Which hospital issued a report that the new Olubadan-elect is not fit and where was the Oba hospitalized to warrant that statement.? When has the issue of the installation of the Olubadan condescended to political debate or issues, at the expense of the millions of Ibadan indigenes?

Does this means that the silence of governor Makinde over the recommendation of Oba Olakulehin as the new Olubadan forwarded to him since and which he too said he has accepted was a deliberate attempt to delay the installation process? The people of Ibadan would be happy if Governor Makinde could tell them the motive behind this statement, which is debasing and derogatory to the age-long tradition of the ascendancy into the Olubadan stool.

We in the Ibile G7 group are sad that it is rather unfortunate that the much appaulded Ibadan royal ascendancy has slipped into controversial contest, with governor Makinde at the centre. With governor Makinde’s statement that “I have seen the recommendation of Olubadan in council and I have accepted it, and we will as soon as Oba Olakulehin is medically fit, enthrone him because due process has been followed,” one would say that the delay is uncalled for, and proper arrangement for the coronation of Oba Olakulehin should have followed in earnest without further delay and the governor should as a sign of honour to the tradition of the land use that opportunity as well, to show his love and respect for the new Oba elect Baba Olakulehin.

The Governor to the chagrin of Ibadan Indigenes went further “Myself and the House of Assembly on 26th Friday May 2023, we amended the chieftaincy law of Oyo state, so that the governor will not need to meet with the council of chiefs for amendment of declaration of the traditional rulers and myself and the late Olubadan, Oba Mohood Olalekan Balogun we amended the Ibadan chieftaincy declaration.”

Yes the governor has arrogated these powers to himself, which to some extent could be described as debasing and rendering the Obas as mere civil servants to be kicked up and down and at the whims and caprices of the Governor. But with the powers, we believed it should not be used discriminately or amount to denying people their rights.

Lanre Ogundipe

Jide Olaniyonu
June 9 2024

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