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Olubadan: Celebrating A King With A Priceless Crown At 91| Deji Ola

A king, according to many definitions, can be explained to be a male ruler of an independent state, city, or village especially one who inherits the position by right of birth. No doubt, they deserve astute exceptional respect and support from all they ruled over.  According to Yoruba beliefs, Kings are seen as a full representation to the gods of the land.
Traditionally,  they are the judges, the rulers, opinion leaders and even religious leaders. Even though all humans have their guiding principles of life and can’t be the almighty; can we shy away from the fact that whatever they do,  good or bad, no living soul should/can fault it? Can we over-emphasize the fact that they are the “alpha and omega” of the city they govern?
The impact of western education to Africans can’t be ill-washed, but according to historical reports,  Kings of old used human beings especially twins,  animal,  etc for sacrifice and “cleansing”; this is to validate the superiority and affluence of these special breeds.
Little wonder, the merits and demerits of this western education is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf as different people in the position of authority (politically)  now underate them due to one reason or the other.  I am totally against this distardly  act as it is alien to our culture and heritage.
As experienced in the state few months ago,  our Royal Highness, Oba Saliu Adetunji Aje Ogungunuso was almost dragged in the mud just because of thoughtless politicking and sheer act of selfishness by some political class but glory be to the unbiased God, my king was vindicated and excellency was restored to him.
I laughed at a man who said we should totally forget the past and focus on the future/today. I further asked,  are we not product of the past? Can history forgive, forget all those involved in the fracas with the Ibadan Kingship? It is however important to move on while we celebrate my King with a priceless crown.
As Baba turns 91, I will implore all sons and daughters of the land to come out in their large capacity to celebrate this our one-in-a-million king who has further proved to us that steadfastness and persistence is a virtue. As Olubadan adds another year, it is worthy of celebrating cum thanksgiving and I will not be left out in engaging on one activity or the other to make this significant year 91.
I will not like to bore you all with excess rhetorics. The premise of this meticulous write up will be defeated if little rhyme is not unveiled for Aje Ogungunuso 1. Below is for your attention
•The pricelessness in Aje Ogungunso is second to non.
•Price him not for he is the father of all with high self esteem.
•Royalty accordingly to his way of life is not tantamount to flamboyancy.
•No wonder he is known for deep simplicity.
•His calmness, no doubt speak volume,
•Should we conclude that he is the true definition of simplicity?.
•In short,  when you think of plain mind with no trace of malice and vain-glory, think Aje Ogungunuso.
•The “Aje” in his name is significant enough to know how wealthy he is.
• I can conveniently conclude that my king is worthy of emulation as a royal father with his vast experience in business and commerce.
•If I am permited to break protocol for the founder of Omo Aje Sound Studio- Adetunji Label and Baba Laje Records, I will without hesitation._
•Baami Adetunji omo Balogun.
•Omo Ibadan mesi Ogo, nile Oluyole.
•Ilu Ogunmola, olodogbo keri loju ogun.
•Ilu Ibikunle alagbala jaya-jaya.
•Ilu Ajayi, o gbori Efon se filafila.
•Ilu Latosa, Aare-ona kakanfo.
•Ibadan Omo ajoro sun. Omo a je Igbin yoo,fi ikarahun fo ri mu.
•Ibadan maja-maja bii tojo kin-in-ni, eyi too ja aladuugbo gbogbo logun.
•Ibadan ki ba ni s’ore ai mu ni lo s’ogun.
•Eleyele lomi ti teru-tomo ‘Layipo n mu.
•Asejire lomi abumu-buwe nile Ibadan.
•Baami Olubadan,  no doubt you are the Ibadan Lord.
*Deji Ola*
#renewed zealotry
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