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OKEOGUN: Open Letter To Oyo Deputy Governor | Oladejo Ajuwon

I would have loved to deliver this correspondence to Your Excellency but unfortunately, I can’t find the means. I however believe that you will get to read this piece via this platform.
2. Let me start by joining millions of Oke Ogun sons and daughters to congratulate Your Excellency for attaining this privileged position.
3. May you have an impactful tenure. May God give you the grace to use this great opportunity as a stepping stone for greater achievements for yourself, Oke Ogun, Oyo State and Nigeria at large.
4. I was tempted to envy Your Excellency but I couldn’t when I considered the enormity of the challenges ahead. Oke Ogun is looking up to you expectantly because this is about the 3rd time that this opportunity is coming to Oke Ogun with very little or nothing to show for it. This is why we’re investing our hopes in Your Excellency.
5. Our challenges are numerous but I will list just some of them:
i) Security: Cows and their herders have remained a big threat in a predominantly agrarian community. Kidnapping, rape, robbery etc are the additional security concerns.
ii) Dilapidated Road Infrastructure: It’s really sad that Oke Ogun is virtually cut off from Oyo State and Nigeria by extension because all the access roads are in terrible state.
iii) Education: It is inconceivable that there is no tertiary institution of note in a region that is larger in size and population than some states in Nigeria.
iv) No pipe borne water supply in any of the 10 Local Governments inspite of the enormous capacity of Ikere Gorge Dam and other smaller dams in Igbojaye, Sepeteri and other locations in the region.
v) Industrial development and job creation may remain a dream when the investment environment is rendered unfriendly by security threats, the absence of good access roads and other basic amenities.
vi) Full utilization of the numerous potentials of Ikere Gorge Dam. The abandonment of the Gorge Dam is a big shame to Nigeria as a nation and a draw back for Oke Ogun. Anyone who can bring the original vision behind the construction of the multi purpose dam into fruition will be an instant hero in Oke Ogun. The dam has capacity to generate electricity, provide drinking water, provide water for irrigation of hectares of land in thousands, create unlimited opportunities for fishing and fishery in addition to its untapped tourism potentials.
vii) Our health facilities also deserve serious attention. With very poor primary health care facilities, we also face the challenge of poorly equipped and staffed public hospitals. Should there be serious medical complications requiring the attention of specialists, getting to Ibadan for those who can afford it is an herculean task because of the poor road infrastructure. We need well equipped and staffed hospitals in Oke Ogun.
6.No doubt, the challenges are daunting but they are not insurmountable. We know that Your Excellency was not elected as the Deputy Governor of Oke Ogun but Oyo State. We however believe that with a good working relationship with the Governor and the fact that Oke Ogun contributed significantly to your joint electoral success, our humble requests can be presented and defended for consideration. We are also strongly hoping that Governor Seyi Makinde will not be Governor of Ibadan like his predecessors. With two Engineers on board, we should expect a smooth ride this time around in Oyo State. May God grant you luck and success as you pilot us to the promised land. You are assured of the support of the good people of Oke Ogun.
Thank you Your Excellency.
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