Home Crime Night Club Fun Turns Ugly For Gay Suspects In Lagos Island

Night Club Fun Turns Ugly For Gay Suspects In Lagos Island


  • 2 Killed, 1 Sustained Injury, Another Declared Wanted

Lagos, Nigeria is a perfect hub to unwind -even at nights, the nations recreation capital lives up to standards that suit her night lovers.

With a large number of pubs, bars, night clubs, parties, live music, concerts, theatre, cinemas, shows, and restaurants, Lagos has proven to be the perfect place for night lovers.

A purely fun session, however turned ugly for some suspected gay at Escape Night Club on Victoria Island on the 15th day of December, 2019. The gay suspects had checked in for fun and relaxation. Trouble started hours later, when some hoodlums invaded the premises with the sole aim of extorting money and other valuables from the fun seekers; there was however resistance that resulted in a fracas.

“There was sporadic gunshot, two of the gay suspects were said to have died instantly as a result of gunshot injuries, a suspected thug was severely injured and in a critical condition, while another gay suspect, Mr. Oyewo Olusegun, escaped and was later declared wanted by the police authority,” the source said.

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