Need To Rehabilitate A “Death Trap” At Olooro Road, Oyo Town, Oyo State | Olayode Inaolaji


    One of the functions the government is saddled wit is the provision of infrastructural amenities for the citizens to enjoy. It is quite unsavoury when the government is leaving some roads untouched, not minding the danger that may accompany it. Albeit, the government is tirelessly performing their functions within their capacity. At least, they deserve little eulogium.

    I was plying through Olooro road in Oyo State, Nigeria yesterday, going to a nearby area to that side, it is unfortunate that the route is totally riddled with death gorges. In my view, it will be apt tagging the route as a ‘death trap’ as expressed in the headline rather than calling it a road.

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    With my thinking, this untarred route may be sending guiltless people taking this route to an untimely heaven which will be very pathetic.

    I want to avail myself of this opportunity or privilege to direct the attention of the government to the road for proper rehabilitation or reconstruction be, in no time, executed. An apothegm highlights thus: Prevention is better than cure. I will be extremely gleeful if this alarm is hearken to and given a favourable consideration. Let lives be saved. The road is profusely crying for blood, let it be tarred.

    Olayode Inaolaji writes from Oyo, Oyo State.

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