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Mr IG, Who Released The Ibadan Serial Killer? | Eddy Odivwri


Do you see why our national institutions will continue to be weak? You see why we would remain an underdeveloped nation for a long time to come?

What has happened again? Did the police collect another N100 bribe at checkpoint?

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This is not matter of checkpoint bribe. It is about compromising human lives. It is a serious matter. And that is why the Police will continue to have bad image

Stop whining! You have not said anything. What did the police do again?

Did you not hear of how some ‘bad eggs’ in a police station in the Akinyele area of Ibadan released a serial killer? You didn’t hear that one Sunday Shodipe, a 19-year old serial killer, who confessed to have killed over six persons, was secretly released by some crooks in uniform?
Oh, is it that story?

But the Commissioner of Police in Oyo State, Mr Joe Nwachukwu Enwonwu said the suspect escaped from lawful custody. He sounded pained as he was announcing the incident last Sunday.

He even went ahead to release the suspect’s photograph and appealed to the general public to report to the police soon as they sight him.

Bunkum with a capital B! If you believed that commissioner, then believe that the sun rises from the west. Nonsense! How can such a suspect escape? How? Was the cell broken open? Was it de-roofed? Were the walls of the cell broken? How can such a deadly criminal escape? Where were the policemen on duty? Who opened the cell for such a notorious criminal? And a Commissioner of Police, worth his rank, strolls out to say the man escaped? What raw rubbish!
Such a commissioner of police should either resign before dawn or even commit suicide for failing the nation in his duty

Do you know that suicide itself is a crime?
Who cares? Is it not a better crime for one slothful officer to shamefully die, than let loose a serial killer and endanger an entire community? And what is worse? The Shodipe fellow who was released on August 11, in the name of escape, actually killed another victim, one Funmilayo (Iya Ibeji), four days after, on August 15!

In fact, the commissioner of Police would not have even said anything if the people of Ibadan did not embark on a street protest to condemn the release of such an acidic killer. Or how do you explain that it took Mr Enwonwu five full days before announcing that the so-called suspect has escaped? Can’t you smell the rat in the scheme?

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You must always give the police the benefit of doubt. Sometimes they work under very hard and difficult conditions. They are not well paid. There is no motivation. Not enough equipment or modern gadgets. The police is grossly underfunded and understaffed. They are not all terrible. You actually said the error must have been facilitated by some “bad eggs” in the Police force. They actually….

(cuts in) Who is the good egg in the force? From top to bottom! Look, it is a rotten institution. Mark my words, nothing would happen. It is not the first time such a thing would happen? Remember the Apo Six? Remember the case of DSP George Iyamu (of the Lawrence Anini saga) in Benin-city in the 80’s? As they say, Na today?
The worst that could happen now is to transfer that Commissioner of Police to Borno or Yobe State. And life will continue. That is how it goes in the Nigeria Police Force.

You don’t seem to trust the police at all. Would you rather turn to your priest or Imam when armed robbers attack you? Don’t be too hasty in your judgement. Investigation is still going on to unravel what actually happened. In his statement, the commissioner of Police has said that he “wishes to unequivocally state that the command is committed to the protection of lives and property of the good people of Oyo State”. So let us hold our peace as the Police strive to do their job.

It riles me to hear those jaded stereotype statements. What kind of hollow assurance is that? Where were the police when Shodipe mowed down another killer (Funmilayo) in her room, four days after he allegedly escaped?
It was bad enough that the police could not have intelligence enough to prevent the crime, yet it is doubly worse to mishandle an arrested and arraigned prime suspect and got him released.

And then true to type, he kills yet another person. You see why the people don’t trust the police and sometimes resort to jungle justice? Perhaps before this column is published, the Sunday Shodipe would have hacked down yet another victim, and the Oyo command PRO, Olugbenga Fadeyi, is writing that rubbish of “unequivocally committed”. Committed my foot!

I can assure you that the Inspector General of Police, Mr Mohammed Adamu is determined to get to the root of this case. He is a pro-active officer. Nothing gets swept under the carpet. Take my words for it: no stone will be left unturned.

Awwww. They will not even see any stone let alone turning them.

Those are the hackneyed clichés the police often resort to when they want to bury a matter.
Ask the IG who opened the cell for Shodipe to escape? Who?

You will be shocked to know that the said Shodipe would be re-arrested . There is a manhunt for him already.

There is no manhunt anywhere. People saw the Shodipe in the area market a day before he killed the last woman.

The powerful forces, on whose behalf Shodipe is on the killing spree, are the same powerful forces that ensured he was allowed to escape.

Those same forces will make sure he does not get re-arrested. I can tell you that with these kinds of police, those who come to give information about the whereabouts of the Shodipe could be put on harms way. Trust me!
Well, your pessimism will not stop the police from doing their job. Regardless of what people like you think of the Nigeria police, they still help in making society a liveable and bearable space. Imagine if the police were not here, life and living would have been even more brutish, shorter and nastier. Indeed, if fire can burn the tortoise with the iron coat, what will it do to the hen with a feathery gown? Support the police to do better.

Hmmm, Sermon on the Mount!

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