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Morounkola Thomas: A Recurring Decimal In Oyo Politics | Ibikunle Titus



Dr Morohunkola Thomas might be an AGIP because of his level of intelligence. He is an asset every one would love to have in his camp. He has a chain of degrees and many years of frontline public service experience. As far as I am concerned, his continuous participation in government affirms the popular saying that a golden fish has no hiding place.

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That said, I won’t agree with anyone throwing tantrums at him because of his political stance.

He served the Late Governor loyally, dutifully and commitedly so much until the primaries which brought in Oloye Adelabu as the Governorship candidate of the party in 2018.

Without any equivocation, I make bold to say that Dr Thomas is an institution in politics and is in a class of his own. It is a war between the political gladiators and we should leave it for them to settle. We must stop the useless way of calling all our leaders names just the way some idiots called Yakubu Gowon a thief.

KT, as he is fondly called, is not your typical, run off the mill politician. He is a scholar-practitioner, philosopher king, strategist and public intellectual. His loving wife and some of his children are not based in Nigeria. He teaches and consults locally and internationally which that shows he is not “Ebina” or anyone looking for cheap popularity in Oyo state politics. From the days of PYF till date, he has built his name and has paid his dues in the school of politics.

The Great Lam, the Oyato and the Kosheleri Governors all saw something in him before they brought him on board. Only the deep can call to the deep!!!!

And just like he said, it is an open secret that there was no reconciliation whatsoever among the governorship aspirants after the conclusion of the last guber primaries which didn’t favour 99% of the aspirants. And if there is any, let them come out to say it. We don’t have to keep shut on how many of us were treated in the last election because we see the party as our home and no amount of intimidation can chase us away from the home we jointly built. E ma pe wa l’alejo mon; awa yin la nilu!!!

I recall one of our days on the campaign train. There was a time we got back home from political rally to drink Gaari and Epa and that did not stop us from doing what we need to do for the success of the party we love so much.

But the truth is, it’s only God that rewards and not human. So, stop throwing tantrums, leave the vitrol and let’s face the reality. The success of the party will always remain our major priority.

Pen drops!!!!

Ibikunle Titus, a core progressive, sent this piece from Ibadan, the Oyo State capital. He can be reached via (writer you email)

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