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    Becoming Mogaji of a Compound is one of the noblest height in the ancient City of Ibadan. Family lineage shows distinctive identity and becoming a rallying point for a family laid credence to realness of a man. In Ibadan, family is everything.

    Before he became MOGAJI of OGUNTEGBE compound, Joseph had left indelible handwriting on different aspects of lives and from his private adventure, he had touched so many lives beyond measure. No wonder he’s regarded as a benevolent man of the masses.

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    With over 30 years of active service from private sector, Joseph Tegbe has immeasurable level of exposure and experience that will be useful for the public sector. His contribution ranges from organizational reforms, institutional transformation, projects making and policy implementation, financial services and telecommunication. These experiences are the reality of the 21st century as they are possessed by people with rare ability.

    Yes, Nigeria as a country is suffering from a whole lot of deformities. Nigerians across the board have been left in different forms shambles and manacles, no doubt, average Nigerian is desirous of genuine leadership and representation. Prevailing realities call for men that understand the nitty-gritty and have enough innovative experience to change the narration.

    Beyond rhetorics, Joseph Tegbe is no doubt one of these finest minds whose experiences and exposures are urgently needed to salvage Nigeria from the impending doom. Not only Ibadan, at this ailing period, Nigeria in its entirety needs ideas of someone like Tegbe at the Red Chamber to proffer workable solutions to many predicaments confronting our national life. His over 30 years of experience as expert, technocrat and developer is a huge luxury needed to protect the future.

    Canvasing, supporting and voting someone like Joseph Tegbe is therefore regarded as a service to humanity because when leadership calls, Tegbe counts simply because he is a bank of useful experience.

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