Makinde’s Helpers Now In APC, What Happened To Him In Erunmu Enough To Retrace His Steps — Oyelese


    A former Minister of Power and Steel, Elder Wole Oyelese has revealed that the overbearing attitude of Governor Seyi Makinde has driven many prominent and valuable members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) away over the past few years of his administration.

    Oyelese, who is the leader and major force of PDP loyal to Atiku in the state made this disclosure while speaking with journalists on Tuesday.

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    It could be recalled that Makinde had while featuring on a Channels television programme made some unprintable words about Oyelese and other leaders of the party.

    Oyelese has however revealed that Makinde’s overbearing attitude as demonstrated in the interview had forced many prominent and valuable members of the party to go to other political parties.

    The former minister in his reaction, added that many people who worked for the success of the PDP in 2019, whose stomachs are not large enough to stomach nonsense have migrated to other parties or distanced themselves from Makinde.

    The former minister while speaking further added that Makinde should recall how in 2015 he (Oyelese) led a group of leaders to introduce Makinde to all the prominent traditional rulers in the state and thus introduced him to the mainstream of Oyo state politics.

    He added that Makinde had offended many political gladiators in the state and needed a change of attitude for true success.

    “I ordinarily would not have honoured Governor Seyi Makinde with a reply to the report of his interview on Channels Television but for the fact that he went personal and as such the need arose to set the records straight.

    “Any proper Yoruba son knows that there are ways the mind’s intention is known even when the speaker says otherwise. However since I still consider Seyi as my political son and it is not in my character to pull down any house I help build, I’ll refrain from any direct reply to some of his statements.

    “It is however rather unfortunate that Seyi would refer to the true leaders of the PDP in Oyo state as expired politicians. It is indeed amazing how short human memory can be otherwise Seyi wouldn’t have referred to those who brought him to me to lead him out as expired politicians.

    “Many of those people are still very much alive and politically active and relevant in all the senatorial districts of Oyo state. He should at least have recalled how I led the group to all the prominent Traditional Rulers in Oyo state and introduced him to the mainstream and thus give us some credit and respect.

    “This is quite unfortunate as it is this same attitude to rubbish the elders of the party that drove away some powerful and valuable members to migrate to other parties or distance themselves from him.

    “Same attitude has destroyed the structure that brought him to power. Many members of the coalition of parties are now prominent candidates in the APC which is the party we will do battle with in February and March this year.

    “In just a little over a month to his election, Seyi is still pulling down the political fence instead of mending it. Yet when we say that they are newcomers to politics and that of Oyo state in particular who still need to learn the ropes they ask for our heads. No experienced politician and candidate picks fights easily with elections around the corner as he does.

    “Seyi has definitely offended many political shades in Oyo state for too long and somebody should tell him to stop because of the sunny and hot days ahead. All I did in my piece which elicited his negative reaction was to offer an honest advice based on the reality on ground. It is my belief that anger rather than remorse towards his leaders for reapproachment will only worsen things.

    “As for what Seyi encountered in my home town during his recent campaign, it is only a lesson as to what happens when a person thinks he can rubbish the owner of a territory by ignoring them. I am sure Seyi doesn’t need me or anybody to tell him that Egbeda local government is my territory. Does he know how many Councillors, House of Assembly and House of Representatives members God has used me to produce from the local government? He definitely cannot know my role in the success of the PDP in other elections in Oyo state over the years while working as second in command to our late revered father Papa Chief Lamidi Ariyibi Adedibu of blessed memory. This is aside the fact of my winning my election for Chairmanship of my council as far back as 1990 under the SDP.

    “I want to believe that by now Seyi should have known I don’t play politics of chopping as he is accusing the PDP. My tenacious Commitment to the Atiku cause is totally borne out of principle as to what is best for Nigeria at this time and not necessarily because of a particular position.

    “But as for my performance during my tenure as two time Honourable Minister of the Federal Republic which he also referred to, Seyi should have asked those who were old enough to know about governance and how I performed at that time rather than passing judgement on a matter he knows nothing about. Let him ask from the people at the grassroots and especially the people of Ibadan and Oke Ogun areas what God used me to do for them in terms of electrification of well over a hundred towns and villages and coming to their aid at very critical times.

    “How will he know how many traditional titles I was offered in appreciation of my service to the people but which I couldn’t take as a prince myself and against tradition to accept. Let him find out why the traditional institution in Iseyin made me an honorary citizen of the town. I still keep the certificate and the people of Iseyin are still my very good friends. Seyi should know that the trajectory of history is not easy to change and no amount of bitter distraction can dent an impeccable image”

    “May I appeal to Governor Makinde to forget his attempt to destroy the political establishment in Oyo state by disrespecting the true leaders and elders of the party. By now he should have seen it as an exercise in futility. There must be synergy between the youths and the elders if true and lasting peace is to be achieved” he opined.

    Meanwhile Oyelese has called on the people of Oyo state to be ready for the home stretch in the race. He has equally called on all the leaders and youths to ensure that their individual polling units and wards are properly marshalled and delivered in the Presidential and other elections to the PDP.

    “It is my sincere belief that Seyi is finally retracing his steps to join other well meaning members of the party to work for Atiku and contribute to the delivery of Oyo state to the PDP. This is a welcome development and in the best interest of the state so that Oyo state is not seen as antagonistic to the federal government when the time comes by the grace of God. No doubt the tremendous goodwill Atiku enjoys in Oyo state will rub on the electoral success of the other candidates to ensure the overall victory of our party” Oyelese concluded.

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