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Makinde, APC And The Principle Of Equity | Toyese Oladejo


Just before the official inauguration of His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde, yours sincerely did a write up on the sacking of about 2000 newly recruited civil servants in the payroll of  Ekiti State  employed by outgone Mr Ayo Fayose.
The sacking governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi attributed the sack to the hasty recruitments of the workers during the twilight of the Fayose’s administration. However, the affected workers during a demonstration against their sack insisted that due process was  followed before their eventual recruitment into the Ekiti State Civil Service. They maintained that they purchased employment forms, sat for interviews and other processes leading to their recruitments wondering why Gov. Fayemi should cut short their joy as bonafide civil servants in the Fountain of Knowledge.
But Fayemi and the APC, a party that claims progressivism and followers of the late sage, Baba Obafemi Awolowo won’t listen to this as they turned the voices of the sacked workers to that of John The Baptist crying aloud in the wilderness to which nobody listened. They insisted that they were wrongly employed at the twilight of Fayose’s regime and, therefore, remained sacked.
It was before Governor Makinde’s inauguration and I did challenged and informed our APC loyalists that not one of them is attacking or rebuking Fayemi now as he is a member of the APC. To them, Fayemi is doing the very right thing. In that write up before Makinde’s final assumption of office, I did intimated the APC and ex-governor Abiola Ajimobi’s loyalists and confidants that the party would soon end and, if perchance Governor Seyi Makinde decided to check the books and reverse some ill-taken decisions, they shouldn’t raise any uncouth voice which they couldn’t raise during the Ekiti mass sack. Alas, just this week, Governor Makinde was reported to have sacked ’40 expert medical doctors’, according to our APC loyalists cum members, describing it as a clear testimony to the evils of the PDP.
What baffles me most was that these APC apologists and followers could not tell us when that job was advertised, who conducted the interview and other salient issues pertaining to their eventual recruitments. Aside from this, it was also alleged that such unholy appointments were also the lot in the civil service and other sundry sectors. At this juncture, I think it is well and proper to ask them why is it that it was only the APC and its government is the only party that lives above board both in deeds and utterances like Ceasar’s Wife? Why are the APC always quick to attack and condemn others when one of their own were perpetrating heineous crimes against the people who voted them into power and humanity in general?
Indeed, more of these reversal of policies and contracts would occur so the APC must be ready to do more insensible attacks.
Ajimobi was in power for 8 solid years, sold forms for prospective graduates for jobs but not even once, I can recollect did he ask the famished applicants for any interview. Why was it that it was at the tail end of his regime that he thought that the hospitals needed medical personnel?
Our country cannot grow with this kind of mindset. As free born citizen of Nigeria, we should not be blindfolded by emotional attachment to party politics at the expense of the welfare of fellow Nigerians. The Bible and the Holy Quran say ‘Righteousness exalts a Nation’ and, any attempt to circumvent truth would not only be counter productive but won’t end us anywhere. The goodness of our state and indeed, the country can only be truly developed if we attach greater priority to the survival and growth of our community, our state and Nigeria. Unwarranted emotional attachments to political parties would only see us sinking deeper down leaving all of us to suffer unnecessarily.

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