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Makinde And Populism | Abolade Olosun


“Yes, of course, Makinde is a populist. Every Governor locked down their state, because he wanted Oyo people to see him as a friendly governor that doesn’t want any hardship for them, he refused to lock down the state. How I wish the coronal virus patients in Oyo State multiply geometrically and we record thousands of coronal patients, I will be so happy. Free education my foot, a parent should be able to pay token for his children’s education. How do you value what you don’t pay for. Three thousand naira shouldn’t be a burden for responsible parents, many are paying hundred of thousands for their wards” that was part of responses I got from one of my friends who belongs to the major opposition party in the state. Ranting furiously and feels so disgusted about Gov Seyi Makinde mode of governance. They don’t cherish it at all, Makinde’s appealing method of governance to Oyo people . One can read big disappointment in them whenever you have opportunity to be together in a gathering or on social media groups. To them Makinde is a populist, a big one that is making them sleepless.

Populism has become a household slang for the oppositions in the state since, some weeks ago when my big brother, a legal luminary from my domain, Ido LG went on air and described GSM as a populist. It has become Makinde’s new alias .

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Now let’s look at it,
(1) What is populism?
(2)What is the correlation between GSM and populism?
(3) Is it ideal for any government to practise ?

As defined by online dictionary :- (Noun)
populism is a political doctrine or philosophy that proposes that the rights and powers of ordinary people are exploited by a privileged elite, and supports their struggle to overcome this.
ii The practice of appealing to the interests of the common people.

This definitions, especially the second one, “the practice of appealing to the interests of the common people” to be sincere, is truly the description and reflection of GSM and his method of governance, policies and doctrines. All are people-oriented; always people, masses first!!! Considering the number of parents that are benefiting from his free education policy now, many pupils that are now back to schools, many that could not afford the fees before. Going by my friend’s argument that a responsible parent should be able to pay his ward’s school fees, one can see from his perspective that their government, previous administration and their policies are all about elites. Privileged elites should be able to pay school fees unlike common man that are living from hand to mouth.

Makinde started his populism with the prompt payment of salaries to workers and pensioners, made them reliable for banks’ invitation to enjoy various type of loans. If not for coronal virus pandemic, Makinde would have employed more than 11,000 people that will be working in the classrooms. One way or the other Makinde is appealing to common man’s interest and indirectly to that of their families.

During this pandemic, Makinde’s food palliatives; he awarded yam flour, Palm oil and other food item contracts to the common people of Oyo. The face masks contract also given to tailors association. Many, classrooms, roads, bridges and culverts that were built or repaired and showcased during his first one year in office were built by local contractors. All these are appealing to the interest of common people. Too many to count, directly or indirectly spending Oyo money within Oyo and for Oyo people. Helping downtroddens to become somebody.

Unlike the last administration that most of their programs were for elites and awarded outside Oyo State, most of their contracts were taken by Lagos Emperor, mama is interested and Chinese companies. Elitists policies are not for common man, their interests or welfare. They prefer imported goods to locally made. They need to show off, that they are learned and they are superior to common man. They can’t deal with local people because they are not in the same category unlike Makinde that descended so low, dealing with farmers and pooresr of the poor.

It’s spelt out in clear terms that Makinde is a populist as asserted earlier, there is correlation between the two. The opposition on the other side are not populist, they are elitists and oppressors.

Also, what makes them take populism as a derogatory description of Makinde’s was the way the Governor is handling things; it is giving them sleepless nights. However these common people are the one that usually coming out to vote during elections while elites will be forecasting, analysing, watching online and televisions. Elites are always too big to queue for voting. If Makinde is not too big to beg for their votes why should he be too big to appeal to their interest after being elected? It sounds illogical.

As for me, I will rather continue appealing to common people’s interest, become a populist and make populism my lifestyle. I think it is ideal type of governance, what do you think, my friends


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