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Makinde Replies Ajimobi’s Aides: No Law Permits Him To Distribute Govt Cars Like Father Xmas

The Oyo State government has said that it is not after those who bought boarded vehicles but those who former governor Abiola Ajimobi allegedly distributed government vehicles to like ‘Father Xmas.’
Reacting to a statement credited to some aides of Ajimobi, the government in a statement by the chief press secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde, Mr Taiwo Adisa, explained that the records at the disposal of government clearly demarcate the illegally taken cars from the boarded vehicles.
The attention of the Government of Oyo state has been drawn to a news report at the weekend which indicated that some officials of the immediate past administration in the state raised issues about the manner in which the state is retrieving vehicles illegally carted away by some of their colleagues. 
The said officials of the Senator Abiola Ajimobi-led government at a press conference in Ibadan alleged that the incumbent government in Oyo State was embarking on a “deliberate smear campaign” against them as they claimed that it was the “tradition” to take away government vehicles after a tour of duty in the state.
Let us make it abundantly clear that there is no iota of truth in the claims by the former Commissioners and officials of the immediate past government.
The Government of Engineer Seyi Makinde had sworn itself to a commitment to probity and accountability. The Governor has also showcased himself as a practical believer in what he preaches by publicly declaring his assets. A measure that is far above the constitutional requirement in such matter.
It should, therefore, be taken for granted that if the Governor can subject himself to public scrutiny that way he has done, he would not be a party to covering up any untoward act by anyone or group, be they his party loyalists or members of the opposition.
“It would be recalled that the incumbent Government in Oyo State issued an ultimatum to officials of the immediate past administration who illegally carted away government vehicles and other properties to return such or risk being reported to the security agencies.
The decision was informed by the monumental impunity the new administration in the state has uncovered so far.  Even on Inauguration Day, it was so bad that the inauguration committee had to scamper here and there to source vehicles for the new Governor and his deputy.
As we speak, Governor Makinde and his deputy are compelled to rely on their personal vehicles for use as convoy cars in the discharge of their duties.
The same is true of other government officials appointed so far.
And that is despite the records which show that huge sums were expended on the purchase of new cars in the last year of the immediate past administration. Indeed, a number of such cars were purchased about three months to the end of that government.
This government will not permit anyone to mix up facts in an attempt to defend a strange tradition of “vultures in governance” which is diametrically opposed to the Service Agenda of the Makinde administration. 
There is a clear difference when a vehicle is boarded and the appropriate amount paid. 
The records at the disposal of government clearly demarcate the illegally taken cars from the boarded vehicles. 
We also make bold to state that the officials charged with recovery of the said cars and the security operatives have so far been very civil in their procedures and no fewer than 19 cars have been recovered.
Television cameras were on the toe of the officials who recovered the last set of five vehicles and those who took the cars away are well documented. 
There is no government instrument or law of the State House of Assembly that permits vehicles to be taken away “free of charge” or in the exercise of “discretionary powers” as shown in a memo elements of the past government secretly leaked in a bid to blackmail the incumbent government.
Because the government in place in Oyo is all about probity, openness, and accountability, it will not condone attempts to seize public property or distribute them like a Father Christmas in the twilight of his trade.
It is disheartening that some persons who have had the opportunity of serving our Dear state, a state of Omoluabi would openly defend any absurdity or propensity to loot government property in a manner that debases the true Omoluabi culture that defines us here.
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