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LG Crisis: Open Letter To Governor Seyi Makinde | Abiola Okeyode


I believe the governor of the state, Engineer Seyi Makinde will be doing the people of Oyo state a great disservice and shortchanging us if he agrees to pay off the illegally elected local government chairmen and councilors foisted on the people by Senator Ajimobi’s government in the twilight of his administration.

Negotiating with these people and eventually paying them off as being rumored will amount to millions of naira which can be used for projects and service of decayed infrastructures at the grassroots and the hinterland of oyo state which has been abandoned for so long.

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It is a known fact that these people were not elected in a proper election because there were court injunctions against the conduct of the election in which they claimed they won unopposed in a country practicing democracy with over seventy political parties.

No proper voters register was used in the newly created wards in the LCDAs in this sham election thereby disenfranchising the electorates in the all the wards and preventing electorates from having elected councillors for eight years.

The people of Oyo state tolerated these bunch of impostors for over a year, and they collected albeit illegally, salaries and allowances and were not responsive to the people because they were never elected by them in the first place.

It will be insulting to the sensibilities of Oyo state indigenes after braving the odds to vote out APC which one of its major folly against the people of the state was that it denied them the right to choose their representative at the local government level for eight years for your own government to now pay off these set of impostors.

The downtrodden masses of Oyo state expect your government to bring these people to book for pillaging the local government treasury through outright theft and executing non-existent projects, but it is surprising that your government is handling this very serious issue of economic sabotage politically and proceeding to negotiate with them.

Our people deserve a proper local government election where they can elect chairmen and councilors of their choice to serve them because local government is closest to the people whose needs have been ignored in the last eight years because of the absence of democratically elected representative.

I also expect all of those that perpetrated these fraud against the people of Oyo state by spending billions of naira to organize the sham local government   election and also those that have benefited from this rape of our hard earned democracy through illegal salaries and allowances be brought to book to serve as a lesson to others and for the sake of prosperity.

 Long live Oyo State.

Abiola Okeyode.

Lalupon , Oyo State.

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