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Kehinde Ayoola: Elegy To An Exemplar In Intellectual Erudition! | Maroof Asudemade


It was late SAB who defiantly sang against Death in his tribute to late mercurial midfielder, Muda Lawal, thus:

“Who’s Death making jittery?

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Who’s Death putting fears into?

Who’s Death then threatening?

Since no charm can stop it,

It’s time when it’s time.”

While condoling the death of Rt Hon Kehinde Ayoola, earlier today, an implacable mourner said Death was ‘a coward’ for killing the versatile gentleman before his prime.

When death of loved ones occurred, people have the habit of attacking Death as if we are not being forewarned daily that Death is nearer to us than the veins in our neck. Death isn’t a coward; on the contrary, we are the cowards who neglect all telltale signs of death around us because we are too afraid to die. As SAB defiantly sang against Death, die we must as we all must return the flowing gown Death lent us.

Rt Hon Kehinde Ayoola has repaid the flowing gown Death lent him. But while on earth, adorning the Death’s flowing gown, he never caused chaos and conflicts on earth. He was not a saint but he didn’t exhibit behaviours characteristics of vile and villainous men. His marks in science, politics and public discourse are indelible. He has immortalized himself by his ideas, ideals and principles. It doesn’t matter that one disagreed with his political ideology and ideals. What matters is that he had ideology and ideals that lent themselves to disagreements.

Hon Kehinde Ayoola had his ideas of what a good governance is. His families and associates can immortalise him along that path. His friends and colleagues in academics and professional realms can immortalise him by his scholarly contributions to science in general and environment in particular.

Boundless bye to a diehard exponent of Omituntun!

Heavens, please, cease to be in a hurry; we are all coming to dwell eternally in you! May all Hon Kehinde Ayoola left behind, living and non living, be prosperous and enduring!

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