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JUST IN: Relief For Lanlehin As Oseni Withdraws From Suit Challenging His Nomination


Engr Remi Oseni, one of the 13 governorship aspirants challenging the nomination of Sen. Olufemi Lanlehin as he candidate of the African Democratic Congress, ADC.

Confirming the development, Oseni, in a terse text message to OYO INSIGHT,  said: “We have to move on.  My position is clear and I  left the rest to God.”

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Not long ago, four of the aspirants – Barr. Sharafadeen Alli, Engr. Remi Olaniyan, De Nureni Adeniran and Dr Kola Balogun had defected from the party.

Last week, Ambassador Taofeek Arapaja, Engr. Seye Opatoki, Hon. Festus Adegoke, Sen. Gbenga Babalola and Barr Lowo Obisesan agreed to work for Lanlehin.

The position of the duo of Dr Yunus Akintunde and Dr Dele Adigun are yet to be known, though they still remain with the party.

Oseni would later write that: 

“Congratulations to all our faithful members in advance. It becomes expedient for me  to allow you to hear from me again. It was long that  I decided  not to speak on our unacceptable selection processes of our Governorship candidate again. Unfortunately it would not be good enough for me to ignore some of the misleading and unfair  information that were sent out after the court hearing in Abuja  on the 21st January, 2019. 

“I have been praying not to be involved in anything I will not be able to take a free will decision in life. I think this is one of the test case.

“What you don’t have you can’t give.  Leadership is a gift. 

“No point blackmailing anyone. Once something is not right it is not right.  You can’t paint truth. It will remain the truth. 

I think it is misleading and unfair to me to say 3 of the governorship aspirants did not make good their promise. 

“I already agreed with the party leaders in the presence of Senator Lanlehin and my other colleagues. He physically begged me in the presence of everyone for withdrawal and support. I gave my consent to the withdrawal of the ongoing case. Not only that, he requested me to give him one or two people from my team to join the campaign structure he was planning to inaugurate  to assure him of my commitment which I did. Baba Obasanjo, Prince Oyinlola, Chief Osinowo ADC Chairman in Ogun State  and many other prominent party leaders also met wit me and prayed with me to let go. In all, I sought for my father in the Lord spiritual position along with my party position. It was a difficult experience for me even as a minister of God. 

“However, I agreed to stop my lawyers from attending the court hearing in Abuja again. I also promise to review  other impending litigation for me to be declared as the authentic candidate due to the election we all held together where I emerged as the winner due to simple  disqualification of Dr Nureni Adeniran that came first. 

“I also reviewed the request of The national chairman of my great party, The National  publicity secretary, Dr Dele Ajadi, Chief Koleoso, Chief Olakojo, Alhaji Fatai Ibikunle, Dr Wasiu Olatubosun , Chief Mogaji Adanla who all spoke with me at various times.  I objectively reviewed the special counsel and prayers of Senator Monsurat Summon at various times and one on one counsel from Senator Senator Soji Akanbi. I objectively reviewed the request of The sitting  House of Representatives members particularly Hon Olugbemi Samson.  I reviewed the request of my Party State Exco. Segun Radical did his best to appeal to me to change my mind before now. I reviewed the opinion of those outside of my party.  It was a challenging time for me and my team  because I know God will  never  lie. He is not author of confusion. 

“All these have become history because of the respect I have for those who genuinely want the success of the party. The case in court was a different thing  entirely to me. 

“Notwithstanding, it is important for everybody to know that my signature was not demanded before they went to court. I wouldn’t think they knew they needed me to sign off. I was called on phone that they were going to withdraw the case  and I gave go ahead. No one demanded for anything from me.  No point blackmailing anyone. No one demanded for my signature because I didn’t sign anything for  anyone for  my name to appear  in court in the first place. 

“For your information, I didn’t sign any document for anyone  when they went to court. I think in the same way they did  not envisage they will need my signature to withdraw it. Whatever you are hearing is a product of the ongoing irregularities in the nomination.

“Don’t forget they have been shouting case has been withdrawn in court  for over two weeks. Why suddenly saying 5 people have withdrawn. If you want to go to equity go with a clean hand. 

“I, Aderemi Oseni have never been to court in my life. I have opportunity of being in court immediately Dr Nureni Adeniran  was disqualified. No one has been served till today. It is not out of ignorance. I am not on a do or die politics. 

“But people should value their integrity. Everything is not about money and position. We are only talking about integrity. People should learn how to respect others. When a process is wrong it is wrong.  

“Let us collectively discourage cheating.  Let’s fear God in our journey in life. Let’s think about our children. Let us put the interest of others into consideration in our decision. Don’t be desperate to take what God has not given you. I don’t know how one can be comfortable using proceed of unrighteousness.  Labour doesn’t translate to success but grace of God. 

For me, I feel fulfilled in the whole exercise. No individual or a group of people is qualified to assassinate my destiny. 

“In Number 23:23 Sureley, there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, What hath God wrought.

“When you do something wrongly and you find it difficult to apologise genuinely, you will need to do another one to cover it. 

Whatever a greedy man has is not his own. Greedy man will want to have everything  that ought to be for everybody  and end up losing all.

“I am completely out of the G12 litigation out of respect I have for all my political fathers, political leaders in my party  , genuine and honest people that prevailed on me and in the interest of tomorrow for ADC. My leaving the court doesn’t give legitimacy to the process but to acknowledge that the party’s interest is supreme.  I have sufficient reason to have left if I looked back at the original agenda of the enemies of my vision. My coming to ADC is divine. God will not answer the plans and prayer of ADC enemies. Those who are just using ADC as a stop over will receive open shame very soon. They will always see wisdom in my meekness. 

I communicated my decision for withdrawal from the present ongoing case  appropriately. 

Once again, congratulations in advance. 


Engr Aderemi Oseni MNSE CENG.

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