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    Olorunpoto Rahaman’s accomplishments as a leader of the Oyo Global Forum are in the background of the incredible popularity that his ambition to represent Oyo East/Oyo West in the Oyo State House of Assembly as the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party has gained.

    When Olorunpoto, also often called ‘Poto, took over the reins of the leadership of Oyo Global Forum, he only had one simple but an equally powerful mission in mind: to make OGF the rallying point for Oyo sons and daughters, home and abroad, for advancing community peace and sustainable development.

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    In less than four years, he broke ceilings as he mobilized the collective energy of the members and wider community, extending frontiers in community service. Apart from transforming the lot of the forum into a beacon of advocacy, civic engagement, and cultural renaissance, his sterling performance evidenced in numerous initiatives and interventions are something of pride. Being the youngest to lead the forum in its recent history, ‘Poto’s uncanny ability to get the job done in the shortest time, spot talent, regardless of age or faith, then assemble a formidable team of highly brilliant, cerebrally innovative, and exceptionally committed indigenes of the town stood him out, making him a priceless jewel, an embodiment of what an Oyo man can do for the love of his community.

    Under his leadership, OGF inaugurated a new programme aimed at bringing community stakeholders together to discuss existential problems and formulate solutions: the Olu Afolabi Roundtable.

    The Olu Afolabi roundtable is in addition to advancing existing programmes. One such programme is the OGF Enterprise Bootcamp, which the ‘Poto leadership turned fully residential and more impactful.
    And never did OGF stop being at the vanguard of defending public interests under Poto. The Forum was there for the victims of Akesan Market fire and helped ensure a unit of the Mobile Police formation was brought to Oyo. He also led the Forum to pursue accountability, ensuring contractors executing public projects deliver.

    Not one to be caught in the cobweb of ineptitude, ‘Poto and his team of incredibly creative youngsters came into their community-driven jobs highly prepared, jumping into their responsibility with uncommon zeal, zest, and valor. In less than four years, ‘Poto and his team had surgically and successfully made OGF a household name, tinkering with its branding and packaging for optimum service delivery.
    Admittedly, the blazing trail of OGF under ‘Poto gave most townsfolk a tinge of assurance that indeed thrusting the leadership of the community into the hands of young, energetic folks will tremendously, rapidly, and radically change a lot in all spheres. In essence, ‘Poto’s exemplary leadership ensured that the core mission of OGF stood gingerly tall and undefeated. Carefully and masterfully he led the team in promoting the town’s cultural heritage and protecting it from the volatile and chaotic political environment.

    Working round the clock to ensure the development of the town, ‘Poto’s cordial relationship and wide range network with leaders across the political spectrum made him an indomitable toast among townsfolk and equally a critical voice to be reckoned with in the ancient town.

    ‘The Undisputed Mouthpiece’

    Under Rahaman Olorunpoto, OGF became the official and undisputed mouthpiece of the ancient town of Oyo; intervening in matters of community development, dishing out press statements, visiting government houses, and lobbying with critical stakeholders for the advancement of the town. In a way, ‘Poto’s exceptional team worked tirelessly and relentlessly, upholding the OGF’s ideals, ideas, principles, and practices with unbridled passion. He took the Forum struggles as is, walking through the crucible of inconvenience to make things better. He exemplified most of his leadership ingenuity through groundbreaking success recorded by his administration.

    As a team player, Olorunpoto rallied around influential figures to appeal to and appease the state government to reconsider its harsh decision in relocating such an important monument, one that is sure to enhance the security architecture and intelligence gathering IN the town. In addition, he rose to the limelight on the act of his Oyo-centric agenda joining other vocal public figures in drawing the government’s attention to the plights of the Oyo people. Furthermore, OGF’s proactive and adaptive moves after the tragic Akesan market inferno on the first of January, 2020 demonstrated the subtle power of having men like ‘Poto at the helms of affairs: young, vibrant, and impossibly energetic people in the decision-making process.
    Rahaman Olorunpoto exudes confidence, and passion; exemplifying the Omoluabi ethos and virtues.

    Round Table of Towns and Gowns

    Conceived to enable the discourse and discussion of critical and contemporary issues affecting the Oyo federal constituency by stakeholders in politics, education, security, and the private sector, the maiden and second editions of the Olu Afolabi Roundtable have been roundly applauded as the best platform to assemble leaders of thought across the constituency. The first edition centered on the increasing youth restlessness and the best possible ways to combat it. In attendance at that epoch-making was Archbishop Ayo Ladigbolu among highly revered figures in the community. Chief Lukman Ilaka, former Chief of staff to the Governor, renowned educationist, Dr. Sulleiman Adediran, RMFAC Commissioner, Mr. Bimbo Kolade, Honorable Akeem Adeniyi Adeyemi, and Hassan Taiwo Adebayo, award-winning Journalist shared their informed opinions on the unsettling topic drawing from years of experience. Moderated by Ace broadcaster, Tunde Olawuwo of Splash FM, and Barrister Muideen Olagunju, the Roundtables were described as the most formidable, credible platform to shed light on issues affecting the constituency.

    In its second edition, Olu Afolabi Roundtable had dignitaries gathered in the same room across all walks of life. The edition titled thoughtfully: Growth Performance Indicators had Barrister Muideen Olagunju as the moderator with others such as Mr. Bimbo Kolade, Alhaji Rahman Onike, and Dr. Suleiman Adediran among other crème de la crème of the society in attendance. Additionally, the epoch-making event also featured an award presentation for notable sons and daughters of the ancient town who have impacted immensely in the development of the community.

    Enterprise Boot camp

    The other laudable achievement credited to ‘Poto and his team was the massive opportunity given to budding talents in the areas of business management and entrepreneurship. The camp which is now held thrice has been described as exciting and fulfilling. The last edition under Poto took place at Plaza De Aruna hotel where willing participants were offered accommodation at the Palms Hotels and Resorts. The likes of Mr. Yinka Afonja, CEO of Ace supermarket walked participants through the bread and butter of business from the ground up to at the program.

    Rahaman Olorunpoto’s footprint at OGF would remain indelible in the anal of the Forum’s history. Rapid transformation is best achieved when purpose-driven young people are in the driver’s seat of our community and by extension, our country’s vehicle of progress and prosperity. In them, there is massive hope for today and the future to come.

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