Ibarapa Needs Infrastructure, Not Coming To Celebrate Your Birthday Here — Group Tells Makinde


    A group, Forum of Ibarapa Indigenes in Diaspora has told the Oyo state Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde that the Ibarapa zone of the state needs infrastructural development not birthday celebration.

    The group in a statement signed by its chairman, Adebayo Adedigba and secretary, Taiwo Kareem and made available to newsmen on Monday said they have gathered that Governor Makinde will be celebrating his birthday on 25th of December this year at Ibarapa zone.

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    While lamenting the rate of insecurity in the zone, the group criticized the Seyi Makinde-led government for neglecting the zone while other zones in the state are getting attention.

    The statement read in full: “According to Janet Ogundairo and Feyisitan Ijimakinwa in their article titled “Pastoralism and politics of exclusion in Ibarapa” dividend of democracy refers to the accruable and expected benefits of democratic governance. It may include, but not limited to, the rule of law, improved standard of living, enhanced atmosphere of peace and stability, and provision of basic social amenities such as electricity, potable water, political positions, health services, credit and educational facilities. Prior to 2015 and 2019 elections Eng Makinde toured and campaigned in all the 7 towns of Ibarapa with the promise that equity, justice and fairness will be the cornerstone of his administration. People of Ibarapa trusted him and it is on record that despite his abysmal performance and rejection even in his ward and local government, the only LG he won in 2015 election is in Ibarapa. It is also on record that the three local governments in Ibarapa were the first to be declared for him in 2019 gubernatorial election.

    “However, going by the above definition of dividend of democracy, the Forum of Ibarapa Indigene in Diaspora would want to remind Governor Seyi Makinde that his administration is a total failure, and it will appear that he has truly manifested his disdain to Ibarapa. It looks like the good people of Ibarapa love him, but he has reciprocated this with betrayal of trust.

    “Until recently, security of life in Ibarapa axis has never been as worst as this. Previous governments never paid “lip services” to security nor “politicize security” of lives. For instance, one of the biggest legacies of Ajimobi is PEACE across nooks and cranes of Oyo State. It is on record that Makinde never responded to both written and oral requests for intervention on continuous killings, rapping, macheting, kidnapping, etc of Ibarapas by the Fulani herders until the brutal murder of Dr Fatai Aborode. Even at this, it took intervention of Sunday Igboho to wake up Gov Makinde from slumber as the number one security man in Oyo State. The “I don’t care attitude” continues until another massacre in Igangan which left scores of people dead and destruction of many properties. Mr Governor may wish to know that the peace currently being enjoyed in Ibarapa is as a result of SELF-HELPS from the communities. Our people are now able to go to their farms and go about daily businesses courtesy protection from community vigilante groups being funded from contributions from the poor farmers of Ibarapa.

    “Sir, you may wish to know that your nickname within Ibarapa is “Social Media Governor”. To our knowledge in Ibarapa, your projects are mostly on social media with nothing tangible to point at within our axis. For instance, all our Primary Health Care Centres are same as Pre-2019. The only exception is the isolation centre in Oja Oba Igboora. This is an existing facility merely renovated despite huge resources from the federal government.

    “Mr Governor, during electioneering in 2018, you publicly demonised and berated Ajimobi led administration for failure to provide constant portable water for the good people of Ibarapa. You did say government had no excuse not to solve challenges related to water deliveries within the region. Dear, Governor, we wish to remind you that after two and a half years into your administration ONLY Eruwa from among the seven towns in the region managed to have water for 1 week.

    “Going by the definition of the dividend of democracy, the good people of Ibarapa thought electricity and road infrastructure will improve during Makinde’s regime. Regrettably, despite over 90 billion naira borrowed for contract financing, Ibarapa ONLY got less than 2KM road captured in 2020 budget while most of our roads have now become death traps. Your 2021 budget is even worst. We were happy on December 23rd 2020 when you awarded Eruwa farm settlement contract among other farm settlements within the state. Surprisingly, we haven’t got anything tangible to show for the ₦7.6 billion ‘agricultural equipment’ loan. Your excellency, you may wish to know that the below pictures are recent pictures from Eruwa and Akufo farms respectively. What’s our offence in Ibarapa?

    “Being rural communities, road maintenances are mostly done by LG but it appears they are now only ATM machines with maintenance of common “hand pumped boreholes” above their budgets. Nothing is being done towards improving electricity situation in Ibarapa. It will appear that in Mr Governor’s mindset, Ibarapa doesn’t deserve better social infrastructure.

    “If distribution of political office is one of the dividends of democracy, one wonders if Gov Makinde hasn’t relegated Ibarapa to second class citizens of Oyo state. Traditionally, the zone used to have at least two commissioners. We were happy when Hon. Seun Fakorede and Hon Funmilayo Orisadeyi made the list. After a year, you relegated the whole of Ibarapa to one commissioner under the pretence of reshuffling your cabinet. At the same time, an indigene of Ibarapa – Aremo John Adeleke who was appointed as the chairman of the state Revenue Board was removed and replaced with another appointee from other zone. As if this wasn’t enough, an indigene of Ibarapa, Prof Akinola Akinlabi came first in the rectorship interview conducted by the Governing Council of the Oyo State College of Agriculture, Igboora. For almost a year, the appointment has not been ratified by the governor. Perhaps, his sin is that he is from Ibarapa and he came first against Mr Governor’s preferred candidate.

    “If being a party loyalist is one of the means of enjoying dividend of democracy, it is definitely not in the political dictionary of Gov Seyi Makinde. It is well known that he has chased away the refined leaders of his PDP party who tirelessly worked for him in 2019. He has successfully put the party in the hands of those who would not have anything to do with intellectuals but thugs, smugglers and drugs addicts. By this he has indirectly exposed the peaceful people of Ibarapa to continuous harassments and intimidations by thugs who are now his LG political appointees.

    “Your excellency, as done in Saki last year, we have reliably gathered that your birthday will be hosted in Ibarapa on 25th of December this year. We wish you happy birthday and sound health in advance. However, we must unequivocally say that we do not need your birthday celebration in Ibarapa. Sir, of what benefit is your birthday celebration to the region you have not commission any project since the beginning of your administration? What do you think will be going on in the minds of the people of Igangan who lost their loved ones due to your negligence when you are in that same community celebrating birthday?

    “Your excellency, we wish to finally remind you that even though the voting strength of Ibarapa is small, but it always reflects feelings of our people. Hence, the strength in our voting pattern is unity of purpose. While wishing you best of luck, may we remind you that it took less than 400 votes to make Governors Aminu Tambuwa of Sokoto state. Take Ibarapa people for granted at your political peril!”

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