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I Am Not In A Hurry To Get Married — Omo Ibadan


Popular skit maker and actress, Adeyela Adebola has revealed that even though her parents are eager to meet her man, she is not in a hurry to get married.

Omo Ibadan, as she is popularly known, stated this in an interview with Saturday Beats.

She maintained that even though she didn’t have unrealistic expectations from a man, she would like a fine man that is taller than her.

She said: “ I am not in a hurry to get married . I really love babies and I ’ ve always dreamt of having my own kids but I ’ m not in a rush . I want to take things one at a time . A lovely relationship first of all before marriage . My parents are not putting me under pressure to get married but they remind me that I ’ m not getting younger . Sometimes , my father wants me to show him my boyfriend . But I cleverly dodge him . My mother also tells me not to do too much shakara for men but it’ s not that I ’ m being choosy or have an unrealistic expectations. I have just not found my man.

“ I’ve not seen someone I want to plan my future with . I like a fine man . He must also be taller than me. I don ’ t want someone of my height. No , it won ’ t be nice at all. I want someone who would love and want me more than I love him . I ’ m not saying he should be very rich but someone that I can see the future with and achieve great things with. He doesn ’ t have to be an entertainer because I have never dated an entertainer but if God says so , I don ’ t mind. ’’

On the issue of love, she said,  “Cute Abiola is my good friend , we are not in a relationship . I ’ m looking forward to being loved by an ambitious , good and responsible man.

‘‘ As I grow , I want more out of life . My wants have increased so I want new things . I ’ m just craving to do the unimaginable with my life and talent . My zest for new things has grown . Aside from being a skit maker , I want to be an intelligent and outstanding filmmaker. I want to make another name aside from the ‘ Omo Ibadan’ that most people know.”

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