How Poor Execution Affected Oyo’s ₦123m School Renovation Programme


    By Faith Okerinmodun

    The Oyo State Open Contracting Portal shows that contracts worth millions of naira were awarded to different companies for the renovation of schools between 2019 and 2020.

    The state government awarded contracts for the renovation of six classrooms and re- roofing of schools worth ₦123 million.

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    Dataphyte project tracking team visited the schools to confirm if the renovation contracts were actually executed. Investigations revealed contract infractions in some areas as well as adherence in other areas.

    Baptist Primary School

    In June 2020, the state government awarded a contract worth N15.642 million for the renovation of five classrooms at Baptist Primary School located at Iseyin part of the state.

    The contract was awarded to Messrs. K Claus Resources.

    Assessment by our tracking teams shows that there was no project of such nature.

    An official of the school, Mrs Ayoola M.A, said the project would have helped in the accommodation of students in the school.

    “We appreciate the government and its efforts so far. However, we don’t have enough classes to cater for our students.”

    She said due to the dilapidated buildings/classes, the school authorities often merged Primary 1 and Primary 2 as well as Primary 3 and Primary 4 together. noting that the situation had affected the quality of lessons given to the students.

    “Most parents take their children to other places because of the poor state of our school,” she disclosed,

    “We really need enough classrooms and facilities to help our students and facilitate better delivery,” she added

    Messrs. K Claus Resources was not found on the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)’s portal after several checks.

    It is a criminal offence to carry out businesses in Nigeria without registering with the CAC, according to the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2020. A lawyer, Mr Samuel Oyigbo, noted that it was illegal to award a contract to a company that was not registered with the CAC.

    K Claus Resources also does not have digital presence, making it difficult to know those behind it.

    Contract executed at Government Technical College, Iseyin

    Missing renovations, poor execution mar Oyo State ₦123 Million school renovation programme
    Government Technical College, Iseyin

    However, it was a different ball game at Government Technical College, Iseyin, where a contract was awarded for the revamping of the school.

    Our reporter found that renovation work was done at classrooms at the college.

    An excited Principal of the school, Mr Babalola Taofeek Olawande, said, “The renovation has boosted the students’ population. It has been very beneficial to not only the hosting community but also to other neighbouring communities.

    “We don’t record massive turnout from the host community but we have people coming from Lagos, Igboho, Igbeti, lanlate, Abeokuta and Ibadan. During the renovation, some pieces of furniture were also replaced. In departments that we didn’t have teachers, the government supplied us teachers.

    “The only building that wasn’t touched was just an old building, but we are trying to put it to shape to provide accommodation for our non-indigene students,” he added.

    The contract for the renovation was given to a company named Skills ‘G’ Nigeria Limited. As at the time of going to press, the company’s status on the CAC registry was inactive. It could not be confirmed if the firm’s status was inactive when this contract was executed.

    According to the CAC, “The indicated status of a registered entity on the Public Search portal as ‘active’ or ‘inactive’ is a function of the entity’s annual returns filing. Where a registered entity has not filed its annual returns up to date, the status of the entity is indicated as ‘inactive.’ When a registered entity has filed its annual returns up to date, the status of the entity is indicated as ‘active.”

    Being an inactive company means the firm is yet to file its return or pay necessary legal taxes/fees at the CAC over a given period of time.

    No sufficient furniture at Ijokodo High School

    Missing renovations, poor execution mar Oyo State ₦123 Million school renovation programme
    A classroom in Ijokodo High School

    The renovation at Ijokodo High School, Ibadan, involved a block of six classrooms with an office. Though this work was executed, our reporter found that the furniture was insufficient.

    Contract for the project was awarded to a company named Cost & Project Construction Company, which was not found on the CAC portal as a registered firm after repeated checks. The closest companies found on the CAC portal were an Abuja-based Cost Project Development Limited and an Ibadan-based Cost & Project Multiventures Limited.

    A staff member of the school, who pleaded anonymity because she was not authorised to speak, said the renovation was truly executed but the furniture was not enough to cater for the students.

    “Just 50 pieces of furniture were supplied to the school and we had to share them to the classes. Though the renovated building has given a facelift to the school, we need more pieces of furniture to give them a serene environment for learning.

    “Due to the state of the school, we have lost so many students. We need more classrooms. So many facilities in the school need to be upgraded. Our school hall is bad. The school doesn’t have a toilet. We had to contribute money to repair one for the staff. The students have to use the bush because they don’t have access to the toilet.

    “The students do not have computers. We publish monthly returns and vouchers, but we have to use a business centre outside to do that because we do not have the facilities for that in the school,” the staff member added.

    Same issues at Government Technical College, Ogbomoso

    Government Technical College, Ogbomoso

    The renovation contract awarded at Government Technical College, Ogbomoso, was carried out by an Owerri-based Skills ‘G’ Nigeria Limited.

    However, there is something strange about this contract. Its award date was October 26, 2020 but the portal claimed that the renovations were done in 2018 and 2019.

    Dataphyte learnt that despite the renovation, the school still had insufficient furniture.

    The Principal of the college, Mr A.K Adebiyihe said, “The renovated building has added more value to the school. This is important as we all know that technical colleges lay emphasis on vocational and skill acquisitions.”

    He, however, called for the renovation of unrehabilitated buildings in the school as well as fencing, adding that “our land is very porous hence exposing our children to dangers.”

    Dataphyte learnt that the school laboratory was also renovated but it lacked equipment. Also, the students would walk long distances and even carry their chairs along whenever they needed to do science practical sessions at the lab.

    Government Technical College, Oyo

    Like other technical colleges, the revamping project was handled by Skills ‘G’ Nigeria Limited.

    Our reporter found that renovations were done in the school by former students of the school, and not the government. The Oyo State government had claimed that it had awarded a contract for the renovations in 2019 and 2020, but the reporter found that it was not true.

    A staff member of the school confirmed that renovations were only carried out in 2018.

    “The only renovation done was in 2018 and it was from joint contributions of alumni members of the school. With that, we still have students coming in. Anywhere we don’t have many facilities for practical sessions, we improvise,” the staff member added

    A JSS 1 student, who pleaded anonymity, said: “It’s been a great time for me since I came to this school, and things have been going on smoothly. It’s just that we don’t have much equipment in our laboratories for practical sessions. We manage what we have and still get the desired results.”

    A JSS 3 student said the issue with the school was just accommodation. “I hope the government or the school will find a solution to that,” he added

    Millenium Secondary School, Ogbomoso

    Contract was awarded to a company named Steady Wonders Limited for classroom renovations at Millenium Secondary School, Ogbomoso. According to the CAC search, the company is based in Ibadan, Oyo State. Its status was inactive at the time of going to press, though it could not be confirmed if it was also inactive while handling the contract.

    A staff member of the school, who pleaded anonymity as he was not authorised to speak, said that renovations were done in the school, noting that they had really helped the institution.

    Missing renovations, poor execution mar Oyo State ₦123 Million school renovation programme
    Millenium Secondary School, Ogbomoso

    Government Technical College, Ibadan

    Dataphyte’s further investigations showed that contract was also awarded to Skiils ‘G’ Nigeria Limited for the revamping of classrooms at Government Technical College, Ibadan.

    Our reporter confirmed that the revamping work was done. Teachers said the renovation had been of great importance to the citadel as it has aided learning among the students.

    Community Grammar School, Oluyole

    The Oyo State government also awarded ₦11.135 million for the reroofing and roofing of Community Grammar School, Oluyole, Ibadan.

    Missing renovations, poor execution mar Oyo State ₦123 Million school renovation programme
    Community Grammer School, Oluyole

    Dataphyte‘s project team confirmed that there was a renovation at the school. However, neighbours said that materials used were substandard.

    Efforts to speak with the staff of the school proved abortive as none was ready to divulge information to our team.

    Oyo BPP law flouted

    The contracting law in Oyo State says that a project should have start and end dates. However, nearly all the projects mentioned neither had start nor end dates.

    Secondly, it is criminal to carry out transactions in Nigeria without registering with the CAC, according to CAMA Act 2020. K Claus Resources was not registered as a legal entity as its record was not found on the CAC portal after repeated checks. This was the same for Cost & Project Construction Company.

    When Dataphyte reached out to Oyo State Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology  Barr Rahman Abiodun Abdul-Raheem, he declined to comment on the developments in the story.

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