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Welcome To Bere Int’l Barbing Saloon — Victims Of Operation Burst’s Brutality Recount Ordeal


Details have emerged About how Operation Burst officials brutalized residents of Ibadan.

OYOINSIGHT.COM had earlier reported the backlash that followed the reporting beating of residents in public for “indecent dressing” by the officials.

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According to TheCable , Emiola David, one of  the victims, said one of the soldiers forcefully cut his hair using a pair of scissors.

He said he was on his way back from church around 1pm on Sunday when the soldiers approached him.

“I was on my way from Church which is located around Awosika, Bodija area in Ibadan. I was coming home around 1:00pm when it happened,” he said.

“When I got to Beere, I saw members of Operation Burst stationed there. As I was passing by, one of the officers ran after me and touched me that I should go and meet his colleagues. So I asked him why I had to do that. He said I shouldn’t question him as it is better for me to do what he asked me to do.

“In order to avoid any embarrassment, I quickly went to meet his colleague. The first thing his colleague said was “welcome to Beere international barbing saloon”. It was there that I knew that I was called upon because of my hair.

“I really don’t see anything wrong with my hair. And I even showed him the Bible in my hand indicating that I was coming from church.”

David said the soldiers used the same pair of scissors to cut at least six persons, an action which is considered unsafe.

He said the soldiers slapped and kicked some of those apprehended for not having N500 to pay for the needles service.

“He asked me to sit on the floor and I had to obey since I had no powers. Then he asked me to bring my head forward so they can cut it. I told him that it is not ideal especially during a pandemic,” he said.

“The soldier used the same scissors for everyone of us. After I challenged him, he slapped me. So I had to calm down and then allowed him to do what he wanted to do. So, they asked for N500 from everyone, which I had to pay to avoid more slaps. They even beat some people that couldn’t afford it and I had to pay for one of them. The soldiers were slapping, kicking and beating people. It is very sad that after the #EndSARS protest, we are still facing such abuses from the military.”

Onifade Ayodeji, another victim, told TheCable that the soldiers also assaulted him over afro haircut.

He said he watched as people were raising their hands to pass the Beere junction area, so he joined and raised this hands too.

“So I followed others and raised my hands. So the soldier man just called me from the other side of the road that I should come. I was even surprised because I have been passing through this place every now and then. So when I got there, he said I should sit down on the floor. Since he is a soldier man, I had to obey,” he said.

“Then he brought out a scissors and said that I would have to cut your hair now and you will pay me after. I was surprised and asked why? I told him this is the haircut I have been rocking for a long time. I was having afro haircut. I was now begging him then he threatened that he would ask somebody to punish me.

“He told me I had to pay but I explained that I had no money and he said ‘no wahala’ that he will do it for me for free and I will pay him later. To avoid any embarrassment, I couldn’t resist when he put scissors in my hair. Then he asked me to pack my hair and put in my pocket and I did that.”

The soldiers were also caught on camera beating a lady over alleged indecent dressing.
Soldier beating a woman in Peere in Ibadan because of indecent dressing.

They also cut the hair of some of passersby after allegedly harassing and extorting them.
Seyi Makinde, governor of Oyo, had called for the deployment of soldiers to restore order after the #EndSARS protest was hijacked in some parts of the state.

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