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Group Asks Makinde To Rename Oyo Nursing School After Late Afonja


Oyo Alaafin Community, a group of Oyo indigenes living in Manchester, United Kingdom, has urged ‘Seyi Makinde, governor of Oyo State, to consider renaming the School of Nursing, Oyo, after late Ajibola Afonja.

The call is coming 7 days after the accountant breathed his last at 82.

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He’s since been buried according to Islamic rites at his only house in Oyo.

A statement jointly signed by the trio of Ademola Adeleke, Tolulope Atoyebi Ojoawo and Adewale Gbadegesin said the late philanthropist contributed greatly not only to the development of his hometown but the state in general. 

Proposal to Name an Institution of Learning in Oyo Town After Late Prince Ajibola

Honouring a Legacy of Service, Leadership, and Philanthropy.

The recent passing of Prince Ajibola Afonja, former Minister of Labour and Chairman of First Bank Nigeria, has left a profound void in the hearts of many, especially within the Oyo community. His life was marked by significant contributions to Nigeria’s economic, social, and political spheres. In recognition of his enduring legacy, the Oyo Alaafin Community Manchester respectfully advocates for the naming of an institution of learning in Oyo Town after him.

Contributions to Education and Industry:

Prince Ajibola Afonja’s educational background and professional achievements stand as a testament to his commitment to excellence and development. A graduate of Kingston University in the United Kingdom, where he obtained a degree in Accounting, Prince Afonja’s early career with John Mowlem & Co demonstrated his global perspective and dedication to professional growth. Upon his return to Nigeria, he continued to influence the financial and industrial sectors, notably through his leadership roles as Former Minister of Labour under Chief Ernest Shonekan,at First Bank Plc and Integrated Dimensional System.




Impact on Oyo Community:

Prince Afonja’s influence in Oyo Town was multifaceted:


Economic Development: His efforts in support of the establishment of the 133KVA electric station at Oluewu significantly boosted local infrastructure, contributing to economic growth and stability.

Employment and Philanthropy: Prince Afonjawas known for using his influence on secure employment opportunities for residents of Oyo Town. His philanthropic endeavours touched countless lives, reflecting his deep commitment to the welfare of his community.

Cultural and Social Leadership: As a respected figure, he served as a unifying force in Oyo, mediating conflicts and supporting various religious groups, thus fostering a sense of harmony and inclusiveness.


Enduring Legacy:

The Oyo Alaafin Community Manchester acknowledges Prince Afonja’s lasting impact and mourns his loss deeply. His contributions as an industrialist and a benefactor have left an indelible mark on the community. Naming an institution of learning after him would serve as a constant reminder of his contributions and inspire future generations to emulate his values of generosity, leadership, and service.




Proposed Institution: The Ajibola AfonjaSchool of Nursing, Oyo.


Given his significant contributions to public service and his enduring commitment to the community’s well-being, we propose that the Oyo School of Nursing be renamed in his honour. This institution would symbolize Prince Afonja’sdedication to fostering education and healthcare, sectors crucial to the community’s development.



By naming the school of nursing or another institution of learning in Oyo Town after Prince Ajibola Afonja, we would not only honour his memory but also ensure that his legacy of service, compassion, and leadership continues to inspire and guide future generations. His life’s work has indelibly shaped the community, and this gesture would be a fitting tribute to an illustrious son of Oyo.






Request for Government Action:

We, the Oyo Alaafin Community Manchester, humbly call upon all elected representatives of Oyo in the House of Assembly and all stakeholders in the 4 Local Government Areas (Atiba, Oyo East, Oyo West, and Afijio), your endorsement and action will align with the aspirations of all Oyos sons and daughters and significantly bolster our efforts to ensure that Prince Ajibola Afonja’s name and legacy are immortalized in a manner befitting his extraordinary contributions which will ultimately convince His Excellency Engr. Seyi Makinde, FNSE, to approve this proposal.



Dr. Ademola Adeleke, Coordinator, Oyo Alaafin Community Manchester.

Pastor Tolulope Atoyebi Ojoawo, Coordinator, Oyo Alaafin Community, Manchester.

Prince Adewale Gbadegesin, Trustee, Oyo Alaafin Community, Manchester.

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