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Group Applauds Makinde For Going After ‘Looted Funds’



An association known Ibadan Advancement Group has applauded the state governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde for announcing that the government was ready to put machinery in motion to recover all stolen public money by officials of the immediate past administration in the state.

A press statement signed by the Publicity Secretary of the group, Dr. Abdul-Marooph Adegoke noted that the decision of the state government to apply creative measures in sourcing for funding of public works in the state should be encouraged and supported by all stakeholders in the infrastructural development of Oyo state.

“Now that funding of project has become taxing on government, it should be expected that the government should get creative by expanding its revenue base and, in addition to that, begin to look for ways to recover monies and assets of the state that have been inappropriately cornered by some individuals,” the statement said.

The group further urged the state government to remain consistent with the spirit of the Makinde administration by putting the interest of the people of Oyo State into focus when utilizing the resources which the governor has shown commitment to recover.

“What the governor is saying is that in addition to giving the needed bite to its anti-corruption crusade, the government is going further to ensure that what was due to the good people of Oyo State is restored to the people.

“As a group representative of the interests of indigenous people of Ibadan, we want to affirm our unalloyed support to the Makinde administration in its fight against corruption and to also state that with stand with the state government in its commitment to improve the lots of majority of the people in the state.

“We are not left with any illusion that the current administration means well in its overall commitment to develop infrastructure in Oyo State and we are in support of every ingenious that will afford government the opportunity to implement their lofty ideas,” the statement notes.

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