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Golden Tribute To Emeritus Sigma Chief – Dr. Adesola Kazeem Adeduntan | Adebayo Mutalubi Ojo

May Allah continue to admit  Alhaji Agba, Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Balogun, MFR (aka Barrister) into aljannah fridaus and to forgive all his shortcomings. Ameen.
In one of his several evergreen LPs titled Family Planning, the foremost and the first music Barrister sang, ” An jo rin, a o mo ori Olowo, Titi ni n o Ma se dupe fun e, Amuda wa shukurah mo dupe. A n jo n rin a mo’ri Olowo oo…”
That music,  if you know, you know: translated thus-“We were just by providence arrangements, ordinary playmates. All praises are due to the Almighty Allah who ordained that our paths meet and who make us  co-travelers in the journey of life.
Above timeless song aptly captured and explained the birthday congratulatory message placed by the cradle friends of Sola at the centre-spread page 44 of The Punch of today, Tuesday, the 7th day of May, 2019 to celebrate not just one of us, but in fact our ace of the pack, Dr. Adesola Kazeem Adeduntan who by the grace and benevolence of Allah attains the Golden age today.
Right from the innocent youthful days when no one was certain and or sure of what the future holds in stock for any of  us, Sola has always been a very religious person from inception. Mind you,  he is not only just religious, our friend is also godly and very conscientious.
Ascetic, God-fearing,  gentle like a dove, urbane,  humane,  suave, courteous but extraordinarily brilliant and cerebral, epitome of humility,  quintessential and a personality whose impeccable integrity is second to none. Sola is a masterpiece of nature (to borrow that great phrase trademarked by the father of modern Oyo State, Senator Abiola Abiola Ajimobi in describing his soulmate and queen, Yeye Aare Mrs. Florence Ajimobi.
The distinguished trademark of the golden boy is his faithful commitment and dedication to whatever rightful and lawful job  he is assigned to do.
Sola is never a pretender and he is a rare personality who is always conscious of the ephemeral nature of any office and indeed the transient nature of the world itself.
He is never detached from his roots and cradles with which he keeps regular contact and always touch base with.
Nobody is too insignificant for him to ignore and he gives access to all without exception.
The crux of his relationships with persons are never transactional or based on the status of the person.  To him, it is given and does not need restatement that we are all equal before God.
Sola is an exceptional human being. His greatness is today further reinforced by the unprecedented congratulatory advertisement placed in The Punch of today by the witty and cerebral sitting Governor of the pace-setting state, Senator Abiola Adeyemi Ajimobi, the Koseleri 1 of Oyo State  simultaneously with the Governor-elect of Oyo State, the debonair and easy going  Engineer Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde, FNSE, the Koselemo of Oyo State who both applaud and salute an icon of Oyo State in particular and Nigeria in general in another koseleri grand-style.
I recall fondly, a strayed call I mistaken put across to Sola in 2016. The call was meant for another friend of ours whom I had earlier sent a short message without getting any response.
Thinking that I was calling the friend, I yelled at him and said, “Ruki, would you be chanced to assist me in delivering a greeting card to the residence of the former Chief Judge of Lagos State, Hon. Justice Ayotunde Phillips.? Or are you saying that my SMS wasn’t delivered to you as usual?”
The GMD/CEO of First Bank gently  answered the phone call and said, “My HAG, good morning. This is Sola First Bank o and not Ruki. Since, I am  presently on brief vacation, please text the address of Milord to me and the greeting card shall be duly delivered in a record time that the DHL and UPS would envy.”
I was shocked and dazed at this uncommon and very rare humility. He ran the errand for me and the card was duly delivered.
Hon. Justice Phillips later called to  joke with me about that VIP messenger that delivered my message to her when she said, “OJ, you must be a powerful Ibadan boy o, for you to send a whole CEO of the Nigeria Premier and Biggest Bank to deliver a  birthday card to me”. That is Sola for you. He is unassuming and also does not suffer fools gladly as well.
Sola is a blessing to mankind as he has continually to privately and without making even the slightest noise about it, engage is several humanitarian and charitable efforts that are of selfless mode and without expecting anything in return.
Sola is a complete family man, a loving husband to a charming Ibadan damsel, my own sister,  Adenike Adeduntan who is a jewel of inestimate value to our darling brother and friend. Their union is blessed by God with successful children.
We are very proud to be your friends. You have always done us proud and you shall continue to do us proud. Amen.
Ibadanland is very proud of you. It is not gainsaying that at every available opportunity, you promote and showcase Ibadan to the whole world. The latest of such was the prominent position and appearance of the Olubadan of Ibadanland, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Saliu Akanmu Adetunji, Aje Ogungunuso 1, at the Gala Nite organised to mark the 150th anniversary of First Bank of Nigeria Ltd.
Sola is not a religious bigot and neither is he a religious fanatic, but the Islamic world is also proud of Kazeem’s faithfulness to the dictates of Allah.  He is a devout moslem and he promotes and propagates the religion of Allah, not by waging any jihad, but by his exemplary conduct premised on impeccable integrity.
It is on record that it was when Dr. Kazeem Adesola Adeduntan became the MD of First Bqnk that the firstever iftar was held at the official residence of the MD, a feat that remain unparalleled till date in the history of First Bank Ltd
As our brother attains the golden age, we are happy to chorus in toast to him-
Happy birthday. Many happy returns,  Long live and prosperity in good health and abiding grace of almighty God.
May Allah bless your new age and may the host of heavens celebrate you today and always.
Your part 2 of life’s journey  which you are commencing today shall be more glorious , positively eventful and greater than the first part.
Your golden jubilee shall be your launchpad and stepping stone to your entrance into greater limelight of not only in our national polity but international stage as well, where the world shall call on you to pilot the affairs of mankind in your usual tradition of international best practices. Ameen.
Sola, “Owuro re re o, good morning, ale re a San e ju owuro lo. ” Amin.
Kindly forgive and pardon my imminent  unavoidable absence at the 7pm iftar organised to celebrate your birthday tonight.
Kindly preserve my oka inside a warm pillow because I will soon visit to savour and  eat with gbegiri and ewedu.
Congratulations once again our icon and role model.
Dated this 7th day of May, 2019 at Seat 8B aboard Overland Flight OF1170, Ibadan to Abuja, Nigeria
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