Glorious Ageing On A Woman Of Immeasurable Worth


    Both Quran and Bible attest, unequivocally, that the best gift a man can have is a wife, beautiful in soul, in sense and in physical characteristics. As positively profound the life, times and careers of late Senator Abiola Ajimobi were, the most profound gift he had is Dr Mrs Florence Ajimobi, the magnificently magnanimous Matriarch of Abiola Ajimobi family.

    Dr Mrs Florence Ajimobi was Senator Ajimobi’s most indisputable passion as their love life testified. The love of Dr Ajimobi was full to the brim in the heart and soul of late Senator Ajimobi even as the late Senator’s soul became elastic and continued to accommodate his Masterpiece of Nature’s undying love. Theirs was a love made in heaven and brought to earth to manifest in a most astounding manner.

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    In one vein, Dr Mrs Florence Ajimobi was an unflinching supporter of her husband, pursuing his career in oil and gas till he reached the echelon of his career. In another vein, Dr Ajimobi became a reluctant supporter of her husband’s sojourn in politics. But when Senator Ajimobi did not relent and was courageously pursuing his political adventures with the passion of someone who wanted to affect his society most positively, Dr Ajimobi absorbed herself into giving her husband the best support any wife could give her hubby in politics and governance.

    It’s noteworthy to cite two out of numerous valuable interventions Dr Mrs Ajimobi made when her husband was the governor of Oyo State. Dr Ajimobi was instrumental to Oyo State having own Anthem, having sponsored the students of the Music Department of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, to compose a befitting Anthem for the state when she discovered as the First Lady that Oyo State did not have her own anthem. The result of her unwavering efforts to place the state on a prideful pedestal is the ubiquitous Anthem rendered at public functions, which begins thus: Asiwaju niwa, Asiwaju niwa…

    It’s equally worthy of mentioning that the success of having women participating actively in the two-tenure administration of Abiola Ajimobi was made possible by Dr Florence Ajimobi’s interventions, having protested strongly against her husband’s appointment of 33 caretaker chairmen of Oyo local governments without a single woman. She led and spearheaded many women to countless fora of empowerments and secured a place of pride for women in the state. Indeed, Dr Mrs Florence Ajimobi was and she continues to be fervent fighter of women’s rights and emancipation.

    When Senator Ajimobi was alive, he might not really understand the true extent of his wife’s love and affection for him. If the deceased do look back to see what happens in their homes and among their beneficiaries, late Senator Abiola Ajimobi would bite his fingers that he didn’t show enough love and affection to his Masterpiece of Nature in commensurate reciprocity to the kind of heavenly, unfettered love Dr Ajimobi always, unceasingly, has for her husband in life and even more in death.

    Once again, today is Dr Mrs Florence Ajimobi’s birth anniversary. She’s a woman of exceptional courage and phenomenal passion for her late hubby and children. Considering the quickness, the alacrity, by which some women consign their deceased hubbies to forgotten memories, any man would be green with envy visiting Oluyole Residence of the late Governor and still noticing how Senator Abiola Ajimobi still stands alive as Dr Mrs Ajimobi continues to make her husband’s indomitable imprints felt everywhere in the sprawlingindomitable

    May God continue to bestow on Dr Mrs Florence Ajimobi the glories of long life, excellent health, astounding wealth and not crying over any of his children.

    A Tribute Dr Florence Ajimobi On Her Birth Anniversary By Members Of APC Online

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