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Ex-Gov Lam’s PA Explains How Oyegun Collected Gifts From Ajimobi To Destroy Oyo APC


A prominent leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Oyo state, and Chairman, National Lottery Commission,  Alhaji Fatai Ibikunle has expressed bewilderment over the statement credited to the former National Chairman of APC, Chief John Oyegun challenging  the fitness and  competence of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to lead the ruling party.
The statement by Chief Oyegun which has raised lots of concern among APC faithful across the country was greeted with mix reactions, leading to the vote of confidence passed by states’ APC chairmen on Oshiomhole last week.
But Ibikunle, who was a Personal Assistant to the late former governor Lam Adesina , described the statement by Oyegun as very unfortunate, particularly coming from someone,  who, he Saidi has caused incalculable damage to the party.
He explained that Oyegun has no moral right to challenge the competence of Oshiomhole.
He narrated how Oyegun caused the loss of the party in Oyo, saying that due to his poor leadership the party witnessed more defeats in the states, and turned the governors to monsters.
“The elderly man, Oyegun lacks the moral right to challenge Oshiomhole because he has caused the defeat and misfortunes of the party in many states . The party was grounded before Oshiomhole came, in many states the APC was already destabilized and in a bad shape.
“Take for instance, Oyo state. We held a congress that was witnessed and observed by all including the National officers but Oyegun changed everything because the governor visited him with some gifts and over the night he made himself unavailable for us to talk to. How can an elderly man like that, doing injustice and still have the moral right to be challenging another person. He lacks moral right to say someone is not fit to lead the party.
“The man loves gifts. An elderly man of his stature must look for the progress of the party first before and above personal gratification. He must take decision based on truth and justice. This governor does not obtain ward congress form for his own ward executive and that is the foundation of the party.  But we obtained form before the expiration date but the governor did not till date. But Oyegun decided to maneuver everything to the advantage of the ones who greased his hands.
“And the same thing he must have done in other states. And he is the same person that is now challenging Oshiomhole that he is not capable to be the chairman of the party. Let me tell you that Oshiomhole is more capable to lead the party than him because Oshiomhole will always call a spade, a spade.
“But Oyegun is skillful in using diplomacy to say okay be assured justice will be done,  everything will be looked into but overnight after something must have changed hands he will change white to black, how can an elderly person do like that. I am taking Oyo state as an example because I am an active participant, I am affected. And that is the beginning of the failure of our party in Oyo state. He caused it because he worshipped governors and he believed they are the people that determines his life and he was once a governor.
“He turned the governors to be emperors and monsters . What we know is that party is different from government but Oyegun merged everything. So, Oyegun has no moral right to challenge anybody , not even challenge the capability of Oshiomhole. He should just go and sleep and retire,” he stated.
Ibikunle, while calling on the party men and women to rally support for the leadership of Oshiomhole to rebuild and take the party to enviable position, expressed the optimism that APC would regain power in Oyo state in 2023 .

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