Home News EXCLUSIVE: Ajimobi Leaves Saudi 24hrs After Oyo Indigenes Mocked Him During Tawaf

EXCLUSIVE: Ajimobi Leaves Saudi 24hrs After Oyo Indigenes Mocked Him During Tawaf


Few days after leaving office, it seems some people still have scores to settle with former Governor Abiola Ajimobi.
They wouldn’t even spare him, not even in the holy land of Makkah, Saudi Arabia, where he had gone to ‘thank God’ for completing an unprecedented two-term in office.
OYO INSIGHT recalls that Ajimobi had left Nigeria for Saudi Arabia last Tuesday evening, less than 24 hours to his official exit as governor.
Together with his wife, Mrs Florence Ajimobi and quarter of his personal assistant, Dayo; his son in-law, Kolapo Kola-Daisi and Bisola, his daughter, Ajimobi was said to have arrived for Umrah (lesser Hajj) on Thursday.
But three days after, on Saturday, while observing tawaf (circumbulation of the holy Mosque) in Haram, some Oyo State indigenes were said to have walked up to him and said “Oti tan na niyen. How do you feel being a normal citizen.”
An obviously infuriated Ajimobi, who wouldn’t take it lightly with them, was said to have approached one of them, asking why he talked to him that way. Knowing that they had succeeded in provoking him,  they all started laughing, sources told OYO INSIGHT.
“Some Oyo State indigenes walked up to Ajimobi in Haram, Makkah, whilst he was observing tawaf and told him “Oti tan na niyen, how do you feel being a normal citizen. He approached the individual to confront him, asking why is he talking to him like that and they all started laughing,” one of the sources explained further
Ajimobi and his family, another source told OYO INSIGHT, had to “change their tickets and left the next morning; he only spent three days in Makkah.”

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