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Does Makinde Dislike Oyo Town And Its People? Temidayo Ola


We are appalled and terribly horrified at the level of hatred for the entire Oyo people demonstrated by the Makinde led administration in Oyo State. We are particularly befuddled at the high-handed foolery of an entire people by Seyi Makinde who is only opportune to be the governor at a time the citizens of Oyo state yearned for alternative approach to governance. Instead of toeing the path that gave him a chance, Makinde in his full hearty hatred for the Oyos decided to estrange an entire people by turning them against each other. How else can we or could we have explained the diversion of the Mobile Police Squadron that was to be established in Oyo town to Ago Are in Oke Ogun zone of Oyo state? It is now very clear that Makinde is pursuing a political vengeance against the people of Oyo for voting his opponent at the last election. Yet, Seyi cannot subtract the enormous votes of his lovers and party loyalists in Oyo from the winning votes that gave him chance to govern a vast state as Oyo. This is a governor that started his second term bid at a time he had not even settled in after he was sworn in as governor. It is the same politics of bitterness that had him sacrifice the lives and properties as well as the love of his theming population of admirers in Oyo in order to gain the Oke Ogun admirers. Unfortunately, the love between Oke Ogun and Oyo people cannot be compromised by any over ambitious politician even if he is a governor.

It is important to remind our governor that one of his predecessors who once thought and acted as he did only to earn failure where he was hopeful of success. Akala diverted the LAUTECH Teaching Hospital which was meant to be sited in Oyo to Ogbomosho. He failed in his reelection bid.

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It is important to expose the concocted lies that they had not diverted the Mobile Squadron (MOP 73) which was approved for Oyo to Ago Are but got approval for Ago Are haven applied in August 2019. We hereby challenge His Excellency to show us the approval which necessitated sitting the police facility in Ago Are. We have impeccable evidence that the approved Mobile Police Squadron was officially to be sited in Oyo town. In fact, writing “Oyo town” is deliberate and it is to prevent any mischief maker from locating it elsewhere and claim the official paper read “Oyo state” instead of “Oyo town”.

In the police wireless message, twelve squadron facilities were approved throughout Nigeria, one in each state and the approved sites were clearly mentioned. In the case of Oyo, Oyo town was clearly mentioned in the document. Where Seyi Makinde got the idea of Ago Are is what beats our collective concern as indigenes of Oyo town and Oyo state in general.

The Oyos are not against the development of Oke Ogun and any other part of Oyo state and even the entire Yoruba land in general, but we are against what habitual and incessant diversion of any project meant for Oyo to another place. We understand that projects are growth poles that are strategically sited according to needs and the spirit of federal character, we shall therefore resist any further attempt by political office holders to undermine our development by whimsically diverting projects meant for Oyo to another place. We shall mobilize ourselves to resist this apparent injustice with the whole lots of our might by exploring all means with the ambience of law.

His Imperial Majesty, the Alaafin made the request based on heightened insecurity in the township. It is interesting to note that this is mostly occasioned by activities of thugs, some of who are known to have come into lime light of terror having worked for his Excellency in the last election. No wonder it isn’t news that some lead thugs have the direct ear of the governor and are benefiting from his government. The governor has no property and maybe relative in Oyo so he found it very easy to compromise our safety by diverting the Security apparatus approved for us to another place. How would his thugs be able to operate if the no nonsense Mobile Police are around? Anyway, let’s ask the governor if this is the case!

It is important to draw the attention of the relevant authorities to a suspected perjury as claimed by the spokesman for Makinde’s administration. We have reliable information that Makinde only went into action after he learned about the request letter to the police authorities by the Alaafin. It left us bemused to learn that Makinde now claim to have applied for sitting a Mobile Police Squadron in Ago Are since August 2019. Is this a case of ” back dating” and is that allowed in the police?

We are aware of the dubious intent connivance among the trio of Mr Folawiyo, a retired AIG from Iganna who married to Ago Are; Mr Fatai Owoseni, the Special Advisor to Oyo State Governor on Security and the Governor himself. We are not unaware of how the three of them connived to rob our own Peter to pay their own Paul. We are aware that the connivance still continue as we have reliably gathered that Mr Folawiyo now hobnobs within State house at Agodi. We now understand how deeply the Oyos are hated by the governor who should supposedly be the governor of all of us just as pay back for politics. We understand that the supporters of Seyi Makinde just as his Chief Press Secretary has done, will endear to furnish us with their habitual series of lies and further lies in other to deceive the good people of Oyo state in defense of their evil action. We are however undaunted as we are more than prepared to expose them with incontrovertible facts and evidences.

We appeal to all relevant authorities to please come to our aide as a people to right this unimaginable wrong meted on the entire Oyo by the same governor many of us fought to ensure he won the last election. This is share injustice and all hands must be on deck to fight it.

Ola for and on behalf of concerned Oyo youths.

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