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COVID-19: It Is One Of The Signs Of The Coming Of Jesus — Abiara


A retired General Evangelist Worldwide of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Prophet Samuel Kayode Abiara, has revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the signs of the coming of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Abiara, who is the founder of CAC Agbala Itura, revealed this during an interview with The Nation.

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According to him, “Covid-19 is not a new thing. Epidemics had happened many times in the past. Even before the birth of Jesus Christ, there were epidemics. It is not a new thing. History tells us that when the smallpox epidemic broke out, it killed millions of people. Cholera, Lassa fever, Ebola, malaria all killed many.

“It is a signal to all the people of the world. Christ Jesus talks about the end of this age in Matthew 24. At the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, you will hear rumours of wars, and many incidents will continue to happen. Epidemics will break out. There will be fake prophecies and fake prophets. It is the word of Jesus Christ manifesting.

“It is one of the signs of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is not something we should fret about.”

When asked what he thinks should be the way out of the pandemic, he quoted Isaiah 45:7 in the Bible, which reads “I form the light and create darkness; I make peace and create evil. I the Lord do all these things. I’m still the same God.” and added “If that is the case, we must still go back to that same God and pray to Him; appeal to Him to deliver us from this pandemic. God will surely answer our prayer.”

Speaking on the call by some Christian leaders that the government should reopen churches, he said, “That is their own view. You know in a situation like this, churches normally have financial challenges. It is only when some people come to church that they perform their obligations.

“But that notwithstanding, when they don’t open churches, God knows how to take care of His people. I don’t think churches must because of money lose people. It is not right. It is good to abide by the rules and regulations of government.”

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