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Countless Hearty Cheers To A Beacon Of Hope And My Oniduro In Human Flesh | Deji Ola


Traveling on memory lane will no doubt trigger my tears of joy. While I was reflecting on that special role that God used him to play in my life, I decided to make this epistle more of prayer rather than mere rhetorics for he deserves my routine wishes and not periodically.

Hon. Otunba Segun Ogunwuyi is a man with a large heart, he is indeed a beacon of light, hope and evident productivity whom has dispensed a lot towards human development. Infact, he sees joy in this as he is born to “maker of leaders”

This is a man who identified me during the thick and tough; to say that he is my liberator is an understatement. May his children be blessed and highly favored by God throughout their existence on earth.

Apparently, I have traveled far and near, I have met different leaders, you know what? I am bold to say that our able COS is a rare gem. He is uniquely different among his peers. His leadership prowess is second to none.

Evidently, Otunba’s profile, educational background, international exposure and landmark participation in governance are good templates for upcoming politicians.

What always baffles me is that, despite his wealth of experiences, he is adorned with utmost humility I have never seen before, void of any oppression, backbite or conspiracy of any sort. Above all, He is a listening leader.

Beyond rhetorics, Otunba Mayeloye has outstandingly invested in me and other youths that are striving to make ends meet. Indeed, he is my “oniduro” in human flesh.

Sir, please let us make years count instead of counting the years for you are a jolly good leader.

Happy birthday to our ever performing COS. Wishing you many more productive years on earth with sound health and abundant wealth.

Cheers boss!
Comrade Deji Ola

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