Contract Padding, GSM And The Correspondence Theory Of Truth | Adekunle Okunlola


    It’s quite understandable why Taiwo Adisa the CPS to the present government was making futile efforts to bend the truth in a fashion of somebody hired to build the pyramid upside down. Of course, he has to protect his pot of soup as they say in layman’s lingo.

    The hubris of describing the campaigns of the APC as “wobbling” when he should have layed bare the nitty-gritty of the alleged note book scandal and the shoddy manner the contract was awarded only put in sharp focus his lack of contract bidding procedures and award.

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    Right from the heady starts of the request for proposal (RFP) to the ultimate contract award the process only expose the chink in the amoury of the Government.

    The questions the CPS could have provided answers to are; “how many long term bidder with extensive printing experience submitted proposals and how many national dailies advertised the requests?

    Secondly, were the contracts given to the best bidder with due diligence followed or to a favoured partner who skimmed the details?

    It is also pertinent to know the relationship between the government that awarded the contract and the winner. Was it given on merit or what late Abami eda called ‘paddy-paddy contracts.”

    Also we need to know when each of the company was registered in CAC,its certificates of registration and track records in handling such jobs.

    Given that, as the CPS said “none of the contracts was awarded at more than 200 each” was that fair in printing when the more you print the lesser the price?At least we all know the unit costs of exercise books in the market.

    On the mass transit issue Adisa as usual ,merely danced round it by accussing APC of ” marketing dead horses”.

    The correspondence theory of the truth stipulates that “a belief is true if there exists an appropriate entity to which it corresponds.” In the case of the sophistry defence above , the laws of effective bidding and contract processes were flawed.

    However, saying the governor promised to resign if the contracts were inflated was a sugar -coated caustic reaction at its best.

    Before the CPS goes overdrive in dressing his boss in modern preppy looks,the advice to him is to sharpen his acidic pen to defend more lies with several as this is just the beginning of the revelations of a scammed government.

    Moreover, he will have a lot of works to do in ” saving the party which is like the melting ice berg in due course”

    Lastly he should remember the wise saying that the best thing about telling the truth is to always stand by what you said.

    For crying out loud, we are fully armed with evidence of all claims we make and the unsuspecting public are daily getting wiser.

    Enough is enough.

    Adekunle Okunola, retired civil servant writes from Agugu, Ibadan North East.

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