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Buhari Might Become Nigeria’s Best President Ever Because Of These 2 Ministers

Hello Nigerians,
President Buhari’s 2019 Ministerial List was released some days ago and all the Ministers appointed were all brought forward to the Senate so they could meet with the Lawmakers.
They are to let Nigerians knows what they have in Plan for them as they all occupy Key positions in President Buhari’s Government.
A whole lot of them have come forward, shares their plans and visions with Nigerians. They’ve all done well but 2 Men aggressively catches the attentions of Nigerians and from all indications, they will serve Nigerians excellently if allowed to work.
These 2 Men are exceptional, they are young, vibrant, sound, sharp and they will do Nigeria a whole lot of good. If these 2 Ministers are allowed to serve diligently, President Buhari might just become the Best President Nigeria ever had so far.
Am happy that the young people are stepping forward into Government with concrete plans of how to move this Country forward.
No more chances for the old folks who lacks ideas occupying key positions in the Government, they can’t offer us anything meaningful if we truly want to move forward as a Nation.
MY SAY:- Am glad Buhari is putting experts in key Ministerial positions, not like the former Minister of Communication that couldn’t tell the difference between 3G and 4G
 How will such person come up with ideas that can change the Sector? Thank God!
These 2 Ministerial Nominees are
Festus Keyamo
Nominated as the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the federation.
Festus Keyamo (SAN) takes questions from member of the state during the Ministerial screen in Abuja and he told the Senators/Nigerians his plans once he resume office.
Putting a Lawyer like Festus Keyamo (SAN) for that matter as Minister for Justice will amount to Greatness in our Judiciary system – Thanks to President Buhari.
According to Keyamo, he said:-
1. It was “scandalous” to have only one Supreme Court in Abuja, attending to the whole country.
2. He said he would press for constitutional changes to create six regional Supreme Courts.
3. He said he would strength Magisterate Court to be able to pass judgment by themselves instead of bombarding Supreme Court with baseless court cases which mostly leads to delayed justice.
4. He said he would decongest Nigerian Prisons and make them function the proper way they should function.
Nominated as the Minister for Communication
Sunday Akin Dare is currently a Stakeholder at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).
Sunday Dare has a very concrete background in ICT and is currently one of the big boys at NCC helping the system grows with innovations that really matters to the Nigerians on the street.
The nominee shows he’s versatile and well informed about the sector as he dissect the problems and the possible solutions and how he will attack the problems and make the sector continue to grow at a very good speed.
As an I.T expert, I was moved as I watch Sunday Dares peak in front of the Senators during the Ministerial screening, he knows the nitty gritty concerning Telecommunications.
He’s not like the former Minister that can’t tell the difference between a 3G and a 4G network. No wonder Sowore calls him an Analog minister.

Source: NaijaLoaded

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