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Buhari Didn’t Know Nigerians Are Suffering Until EndSARS Protest Began — Guru Maharaji


The founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaji, has revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari had no idea Nigerians were suffering until the EndSARS protest began.

Guru Maharaji, who revealed this while speaking at a press conference in Lagos, called on the President to ensure equal rights and respect for the rule of law in the country.

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He also advised the President to give Nigerian youths the assurance that the future belonged to them,

He said, “It took the Nigerian protesters to make Buhari know that the vast majority of the people of Nigeria are suffering. Unfortunately, Mr President did not come out on time to pacify them, which led to the killing which took place at Lekki.

“While we do seriously sympathise with the dead who can be called Matyrs, we wish the President to use his big stick to clear the road for the victims of SARS, which cut across the polity and entire fabric of this great country, through heavy palliatives to all, in order to allow them to come out to serve the government with facts and figures and enable the panel of Inquiry set up to succeed.”

He urged President Buhari to review the cases of those who had been illegally detained and framed up and eventually jailed in all the prisons in the country, including those whose lands had been wrongly grabbed from them with the aid of SARS.

Speaking on the recently held election in the United States, Maharaji urged both President Donald Trump and President-elect, Joe Biden, to refrain from statements that could heat the polity and mislead their followers into taking laws into their hands.


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