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Beautifying Alao-Akala @ 70 | Oladeinde Olawoyin


Nothing speaks eloquently to the very foundation of Nigeria’s culture of graft, institutionalized anyhow-ness and complete retrogression like this viral story of how Adebayo Alao-Akala, as Oyo State governor, reportedly ‘changed’ the life of an old friend he met along Oyo-Ogbomosho Road.

The narrator claimed that Alao-Akala, upon seeing the man, an old friend, promptly gave him “money” (whose source remains sketchy, but that’s fine), a Camry Car, and then asked him to come to the Agodi Government House the next Monday with a “good proposal”—ostensibly for contract execution, irrespective of competence and track record. That tale, which may after all be apocryphal, has since taken on a life of its own, mutating into Cyber Nigeria’s default resource for bland motivation and moral philosophy. Of course, knowing Alao-Akala for whom he was when he held sway as Oyo’s Oyato Governor (a sobriquet he earned for his flamboyant, sociable lifestyle and near-reckless spending culture), the story could as well be true.

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What I have found most interesting is the reaction to the story, and how every Ada and Adamu has continued to invoke the Alao-Akala spirit of benevolence while sharing the story across platforms. Sincerely, it would have been laughable if it was not eerily sad. And what that has shown, frankly, is that Nigeria is a huge crime scene where everyone of us is merely waiting (and fervently praying!) to have his turn in the looting carnival. Oh yes——-protocols, institutions and due process be damned!

For clarity, that this particular tale is being shared with glee by the “progressive” wing of South West politics speaks volume; afterall, having joined the ‘progressive’ camp, Akala, as Oshiomhole once said, is now a ‘Born Again’. But posterity won’t forgive us if we watch idly as folks drive public narrative and define societal ideals with partisan intent. While the fact remains indisputable that it’s morally advisable to be our friends’ shield in moments of needs, emotionalism should have no place in governmental affairs—-if things must be done right. Besides, contexts matter too in every discourse. And, beyond petty morality, that we all found nothing nauseatingly annoying in that “Good proposal” promise, especially by a man who was notorious for flouting basic procurement procedures and was equally reckless in his handling of the state resources when he governed, speaks volume. (It’s needless making a point about the crass hypocrisy of the ‘progressives’ who now eulogise the man with the very same tales of administrative recklessness with which he was bundled out of office, and rightly so, in 2011).

For the records, Alao-Akala; Hosea Agboola, his commissioner for chieftaincy matters who is now a big ally of the incumbent Seyi Makinde; and an Ibadan-based businessman, Olufemi Babalola, are being prosecuted for alleged conspiracy and misappropriation of N11.5 billion from the state’s treasury.Those sharing tales of Akala’s “benevolence” know this, but, of course, they know we have poor memory as a people.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) accused the trio of, among other thingd, “…conspiracy, illegal award of contracts, obtaining money by false pretence and acquiring property with money derived from illegal act as well as concealing the ownership of such property”. Does this resonate, somewhat, with the “Good Proposal” promise? This case has dragged on for years and, relying on gimmicks around technicalities, folks have ensured that the case is still in court almost a decade after.And this is just one case out of many that remain unproven till today.

We deserve what we get.

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