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Baywood Estate And Kazeem Olalekan Israel’s Ado | Rotimi Johnson Ojasope


I am writing to strongly oppose the erroneous and misinformed opinions expressed in your recent statements regarding the conversion of Ogunpa Dam Forest Reserve to a Baywood Estate.

At first, I felt like just ignoring your opinion because it was laced with too much abuses and derogatory remarks, contrary to an intellectual which you asserted yourself to be in the same write-up. However, on deeper thoughts, I decided to respond to issues raise and ignore the petulance.

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As an advocate of informed and constructive discourse, it is crucial to address the factual inaccuracies and unfounded assertions present in your commentary.

First and foremost, it is deeply regrettable that your remarks are laced with disparaging language and derogatory references, which serve only to undermine the integrity and intellectual capacity of individuals involved in important conversations regarding the development of our State. It is imperative to refrain from resorting to degrading language and instead engage in respectful and reasoned dialogue that fosters understanding and cooperation.

Moreover, your assertion that the conversion of the Forest Reserve to a housing estate is solely driven by the Governor’s personal gains is unfounded and lacks substance. It is essential to acknowledge that the decision-making process concerning land usage and development is multifaceted and involves careful consideration of various factors, including economic development, environmental impact, and community welfare. Therefore, it is erroneous to attribute the conversion to ulterior motives without substantiated evidence.

Additionally, your insinuations regarding the Governor’s awareness of the ecological significance of the Forest Reserve and its role as a watershed are presumptuous and speculative. Constructive discourse necessitates informed and evidence-based arguments, rather than baseless assumptions and unwarranted aspersions. Furthermore, it is imperative to tread carefully when making allegations about the Governor’s understanding of environmental dynamics, as such claims require thorough research and substantiated evidence.

Furthermore, the use of derogatory terms such as “almajiris” to describe individuals expressing viewpoints divergent from your own is not conducive to respectful and inclusive dialogue. As advocates for a harmonious and united community, it is crucial to embrace diversity of opinions and engage in civil discourse that fosters understanding and collaboration, rather than resorting to divisive language that serves only to sow discord.

The topography of the proposed Baywood Estate calls for serious planning but it is preposterous to think a seasoned professional like the Honorable Commissioner for Land and Housing, Mr William Akin-Funmilayo wouldn’t be mindful of this ecological factor. Moreover, the private sector involvement also suggests they would not dare do anything that could jeopardize their investments in the Baywood Estate. Being open to other’s opinions is an essential trait of intellectualism that we can’t ignore in public discuss.

I write not to curry favor or impress anyone; I have been on this lane for over a decade and I don’t shy away from intellectual challenges that are matured and well articulated. It is not strange that the poor cannot afford properties in the heart of the City but what would be strange is if revenue from such sales are not used to the betterment of all, particularly the less privileged. That you have chosen to disbelief the Governor and the State government doesn’t make them a liar or irresponsible, it is your opinion and just one out of hundreds of thousands in the State.

In conclusion, I urge you to reconsider the tone and content of your statements, and to engage in constructive dialogue that is rooted in evidence-based arguments, respect for diverse viewpoints, and a commitment to the betterment of our State and country; that is when your opinion can be seen as being sincere, without hidden agenda. It is only through thoughtful and informed conversations that we can work towards solutions that benefit the collective welfare and advancement of Oyo State.

Leadership Quote: “Civil engagement and matured contributions are the cornerstone of progress and unity, paving the way for meaningful dialogue and impactful change.” – Anonymous

Hon Rotimi Johnson Ojasope

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