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Baba Biizinilahi Was A Unifying Factor — Engr. Idris Adeoye


The chairman of HMF Construction Limited, Engr. Idris Adeoye, has sent a condolence message to the people of his hometown, and especially friends and family members of late Alhaji AbdulWahab Yusuf Alao.

Popularly called Biizinilahi or BNL, the 95-year business tycoon died and was buried yesterday.

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Adeoye said the late Asiwaju of Oyo land was not a unifying factor but a bridge builder who loved Oyo with everything he had.

According to Adeoye, “Baba Biizinilahi was a kind of mentor and motivation for many Oyo sons and daughter. He was a reference point and people were quick to use him as example when advising an aspiring person. We grew up to know some of his businesses and landmark achievements. We were always looking up to when we would grow older.

”There is no doubting the fact that Oyo and Oyos would miss him. He was, for many years, all Oyo had, especially with his businesses which employed hundreds of our people. His commitment to Oyo and Islam are another thing.  He also contributed to educational development both within and outside Oyo town. We should take solace in the fact that Baba lived a good and fulfilled life.

”As Muslims, we all believe we will die at the appointed time. And no matter how old, nobody wants their loved their loved ones to go to the great beyond like that. However, death is what all of us owe. When the time comes, we just have to accept the wish of the almighty Allah. So, I commiserate with the children and family members of our late Baba. May Allah forgive his sins and grant him aljannah.

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