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Ayefele’s Wife Speaks, Says People Still Ask If He Can Still Satisfy Me Sexually


Wife of Olayinka Joel Ayefele, who is popularly known as Yinka Ayefele, Temitope Ayefele, has revealed how he met the gospel musician in 1996 before he had the accident.

According to Temitope, who recently launched her NGO, “I saw in him a hard-working man when we met. Very hard-working, there is nothing he can’t do to stay afloat in his profession. He is someone who doesn’t get distracted from his dream no matter what may come his way.”

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She explained that the qualities she saw in him prevented her from leaving, even when he had a life-threatening accident a year after their first meeting.

“Why won’t I stay? I told you about some of the qualities I saw in my husband that made me fell in love and married him. I have made up my mind to spend the rest of my life with him before the accident. When he had the accident we there together at the University College Hospital, Ibadan (UCH). I saw in him the determination to survive, to live and to make it in life. Those are the things that also motivated me to stay with him in the time of trouble and up till now. Nobody is above trial and tribulations and when they come what one should do is to remain steadfast and be prayerful. Bible didn’t tell us that trouble would not come, it is bound to come but God has given us a strong assurance, He Is there to give us the grace to overcome.”

She revealed how the motivation to start her NGO came as a result of what she saw when her husband was bedridden.

“Yes. Because when my husband had the accident in 1997, when there was no hope, people both young and old stood up and contributed from state to state. They gave him a second chance in life. Now he is useful to the society because he was given the needed support. He now has many establishments trough which he has been helping people; he is an employer of labour and he is doing a lot of charity. So if many out there can get desired support like he was able to, it will be good for the society. They will also contribute their own quota to the development of our society.”

Asked if her husband can still satisfy her sexually, she replied: “Well, that is strictly my private life which can never be discussed on the pages of newspapers for no reason. I am happy in marriage and you can see the signs all over and around me. Thank God for everything.”

Temitope, who went on to marry the Ipoti-Ekiti born Fresh 105.5 FM CEO three years after the accident, disclosed that his quiet lifestyle is not deliberate as “that is the way I believe it should be. My husband is a star musician, he is vocal already. So I should be the one giving him the necessary support, praying from the background and all that. It is one voice. Mind you what God has joined together has become one, it is well established in the Bible.”

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