At Maternal & Entrepreneurship Training, Rotary Global Grant Empowers Ibadan Women


    Rotary Global Grant 1419602, an initiative of Rotary Club International member, which is a non-governmental organization aiming towards the sustainability of humanity in the global arena, has organized her annual maternal and child health care with entrepreneurship training in Ibadan, Oyo State.

    The training, according to the organizer of the program was targeted towards empowering and equipping Oyo state women on the emerging economic situation of the country. Taking as well into consideration the mortality rate in the health care system.

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    Addressing the newsmen present, in explaining the rationale behind the establishment of this project, Mrs. Stella Adeola Olufadeju, explained that, the project is all about Maternal and Child Health Care with Entrepreneurship Training and started in 2014, with the partnership of Rotary Club International, Germany.

    According to her, “It is not solely about money or financial empowerment, it is a project targeted at the rural people, women in particular, in providing education and enlightenment about the ways out of the mortality rate the society is recording among the less privileged and rural people. It is at this that we deem it fit of making the existence of this project active and consistent.”

    “Education of women at the early stage of their pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy, and also, during the childbearing stage is important, as those are the stages through which we can reduce the increase in the high rate of mortality records.”

    “Over the years, we have over two thousand women benefiting from this project. And we are looking at multiplying this number for the benefit of greater society. It is a gradual process project, training, and empowerment. A beneficiary must be able to undergo the training and get certified, before qualifying for the reimbursement of the loan.”

    “We are urging general society to employ each-one-tell-one approach, to increases the numbers of beneficiaries of the program.” She added.

    Speaking at the event, the National Coordinator of the MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH CARE/ENTERPRENEURSHIP TRAINING, Chief Dolapo Olufadeju, further explained the importance of the consistency of the project, and the assurance of the continuity of the project if the sincerity of purpose on the part of both the organizer and beneficiaries keep going as it is.

    “Let me take us through the history, the project started with a small unit of group. But to the glory of God, it has expanded with many groups now, and more are still expected to spring up for the benefit of the entire society.”

    “It gladdened my heart that, there have not been any records of default on the part of the beneficiaries in repaying this soft and non-interest loan. This is a testament that, the government needs to intervene in empowering the women of the society economically.”

    “In major, we are striving towards maintaining a good and healthy society, proper family planning, and child-spacing education.” He added.

    Hearing from one of the beneficiaries, Mrs. Sanni, she thanks the initiator of the ROTARY GLOBAL GRANT 1419602 for the many opportunities being given over the years, and most especially, Chief Mrs. Stella Olufadeju, for not relenting in her effort in making sure that, the society women are equipped and empower to meet up with the economic demand of the society.

    According to her, “Rotary has been one of our greater strengths over the years, as they have economically empowered us. And continually educating us over the years on health-related issues, and basic ways out of those issues.”

    “For the past five years that we have been grouped here, we have been collectively benefiting and enjoying much financial education that is helping us scale through the highly demanding economic imbalance in the general society. The soft loan has been helping in boosting the businesses that many of us are operating. I personally, with the soft and non-interest loan, I have been economically empowered and own my business.” She added.

    Another beneficiary, Mrs. Adeniran Oluwabusayo, an indigene of Oyo State, further explained to the newsmen that, the project is not about money, but about the posterity of life.

    “We are for a longer time being put through health education. Education and enlightenment about ante-natal, natal, and post-natal stages of pregnant women within our immediate society. We are also equipped about child-spacing education, how to do personal breast cancer tests, and the process to follow if any strange things occur.”

    “Rotary Global Grant has financially empowered we women for the past 8years. And it is a soft and non-interest loan of N54,000 with a 10% repayment plan monthly. The loan is for boosting businesses and not for social engagement.”

    Talking about the importance and value of this soft and non-interest loan, Mrs. Oluwabusayo narrated that; “You can imagine what N54,000 will do to a woman engaging in the selling of ‘pure water’ and varieties of soft drinks, which is a common business among women.”

    A team of experts was as well assembled to train the general public in attendance the basics knowledge of MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH CARE/ENTERPRENEURSHIP TRAINING to reduce and minimize the causality arising from the poor maternity and health care knowledge within our local and immediate society.

    Present at the training were Rotarian; Stella Adeola Olufadeju (Project Chairperson), Chief Dolapo Olufadeju (Project National Coordinator), Adeyemo Idowu, Ademola Idowu (Past Assistant Governor), Mrs. Nike Alli (Project Vice-Chairman), Dr. Lateefat Dairo, Taiwo Ajibola, Deji Fatima, Michael Ajao, Sanni M. A., and host of others.

    To join, or have someone that should benefit from this project, kindly call Mrs. Nike Alli at 08161118677

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