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ANALYSIS: Is The Head Of Service Responsible For Recruitment?


On Saturday, Ayobami Adekojo, the son of the head of service in Oyo state, Mrs. Amidat Agboola, was caught in a ‘ghost job’ scandal after allegations were levelled against him by Mr. Sulaimon Adesola on social media.

Adesola, who posted screenshots of their chat to back his claim, alleged that Ayobami promised to use the influence of his mother as the head of the state’s civil service to secure him a ‘ghost job’ slot.

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Eventhough Ayobami confirmed that he truly promised to get him a ‘ghost job’ slot in the civil service, he explained that he only said so to keep Adesola’s hope alive.

The scandal generated comments from various individuals on social media to the extent that its topic made it to the top Friday twitter trend on Saturday night.

In this analysis, OYOINSIGHT.COM’s Adebayo Abdulrahman takes a look at whether the office of the head of service is responsible for recruitment in the state.

Information on the official website of the Oyo state government showed that the office of the head of service, with a current staff strength is 87 members, is in charge of the maintenance of a visionary and viable civil service pivotal of other segments of the society.

The office has 22 basic functions and five directorates namely Service Matters (SM), Employee Mobility Relation And Planning (EMR&P), Organisation Design And ICT (OD&ICT), Administration And Supplies (AS), Finance And Account (FA).

However, none of the twenty-two functions of the office vested it with the power to recruit new individuals into the civil service.

Eventhough the head of service is charged with role of “advising the State Chief Executive on issues relating to appointment, promotion, discipline, posting, secondment and deployment of Civil/Public Servants”, it is not responsible for recruitment or advising the government on recruitment into the civil service.

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