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ALAAFIN: Atingisi Family Writes Makinde, Moves To Reclaim Rights To Throne


The race to the Alaafinate throne is becoming more interesting as the popular Atingisi family of Oyo is moving to reclaim what members called “our rights for ascension to the throne of Alaafin.

In a letter by their lawyer to Seyi Makinde, governor of Oyo State, a copy of which was exclusively received by OYOINSIGHT.COM,


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18th May, 2022
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His Excellency,
Engineer Seyi Makinde,
The Executive Governor of Oyo State,
Governor’s Office, Agodi, Ibadan.

Your Excellency,


We are the Solicitors to Atingisi Royal family (Titled Prince) and Prince Sheriff Ajibola Adebayo-Onisile (JP) a Principal Member of the family on whose instruction we write this humbly request to your Excellency.

We humbly write on behalf of Atingisi Royal family (Titled Prince), the direct descendants of Alaafin Ogbolu Akajegesin ONISILE, the 24
Alaafin of Oyo to request for a review and expansion of the number of Ruling Houses that are entitled to the throne of Alaafin to include the descendants of Alaafin Onisile.

It is imperative to commence this request by stating that the ascendancy to the throne of Alaafin since 1837 when the present Oyo was settled by the displaced Oyos from Oyo-lle, was by Atiba and his offsprings which were
divided into two ruling houses namely Agunloye and Alowolodu and have produced all the eight (8) kings that have reigned so far since they settled in New Oyo.

Alaafin Ogbolu Akajegesin ONISILE (1742 1750), our Client’s forefather was remarkable for his indomitable courage and lion-hearted
spirit. He was moreover very artistic and was said to have made seven silver doors to the entrances of his palace. During his reign he founded shekere as Royal drum, he ornamented shekere not only with cowry but
also with costly beads e.g Iyun (Corals) Okun (stone beads), Erinta (stripped yellow pipe beads) and Segi (blue pipe beads) strung with silk thread dyed red, all of native manufacture. Alaafin Onisile was a great
warrior who expanded the Empire through his war exploits, he was nicknamed “Gbagida! Wowo l’ewon ab’esin fo odi” (a man with clanging chains whose horse can jump over a town wall).

When Oyo-Ile was deserted in 1835 as a result of Fulani invasion, the descendants of Alaafin Onisile migrated along with few other Princes and Natives of Oyo-Ile and founded a New Oyo along with Prince Atiba, a son of Alaafin Abiodun Adegoolu (1774-1789) who reigned at Oyo-Ile during Bashorun Gaa’s era.
There was an interregnum in the new settlement, when there was no Alaafin installed between 1835 and 1837 until it was agreed to appoint Atiba with the support of Ibadans to ascend the throne of Alaafin, the
Ibadans were compensated with the title of Bashorun which produced Bashorun Oluyole and Gbenta.

At the New Oyo, the authority of Alaafin institution from Oyo-Ile, he was
transferred to the new settlement of Ago d’Oyo.

Ever since 1837, the descendants of Alaafin Atiba have usurped the royal hegemony through manipulation and support of the Ibadan war Lords who suppressed the remaining royal families of the older dynasties that migrated from Oyo-Ile.

Four royal families who are direct descendants of Alaafin at Oyo-lle were
conferred with “Titled Prince”. The late Alaafin Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III (1971-2022) declared in 1996 in published booklet on the
occasion of his Coronation Anniversary Document at page 10 that the fact should also be recorded that Prince who Atiba
(Alaafin) had conferred with chieftaincy titles were either grandson and direct sons respectively of former Alaafin in old Oyo. They had a legitimate claim to the throne of Alaafin”

Consequent upon the above, we humbly on behalf of our Client pray that your Excellency cause a review of the existing official Chieftaincy Declaration and Gazette on the appointment of Alaafin of Oyo with a view
to expanding the Ruling houses to include ONISILE RULING HOUSE.

This we pray in the interest of fairness and Justice.

We count on your quick and positive response.

Yours faithfully,

1. The Hon. Commissioner for Local Governments and Chieftaincy Affairs.

2. Bashorun Of Oyo and Oyomesi Traditional Cabinet of Oyo Kingdom.

3. Baba Iyaji,
The Head of Oyo Titled Princes.

4. The Hon. Chairperson,
Atiba Local Government Council Oyo Town.

5. Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, OFFICE OF THE HONOURABLES

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