Home Crime Akinyele ‘Serial Killer’, Shodipe, Reveals How He Escaped From Police Custody

Akinyele ‘Serial Killer’, Shodipe, Reveals How He Escaped From Police Custody


The prime suspect in the serial killings at Akinyele local government, Sunday Shodipe, has revealed how he escaped from Mokola Police Station in Ibadan

OYOINSIGHT.COM recalls that Shodipe escaped from lawful custody few days after he was arrested for the serial killings in Akinyele.

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Speaking after his rearrest on Sunday afternoon, Shodipe explained that a female Divisional Police Officer, who was recently deployed to the station ordered one officer (Funsho) to allow him to take his bath.

He said the officer had warned him not to make any attempt to escape while taking his bath, adding that he was not even thinking of running away at that point.

He however stated that he decided to escape when he saw that the officer was engrossed in a discussion with another person and not paying attention to him.

“The new female DPO asked officer Funsho to allow me take my bath. He cautioned me not to try to escape when I am taking my bath.

“I escaped when I saw him discussing with another person. I climbed the borehole pole and jumped the fence. The people living in the area saw me when I escaped but they did not raise any alarm,” he said.

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