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Akintola: PDP Leaders Commended Me For Being Blunt About Makinde’s Style


A senior advocate of Nigeria, Niyi Akintola has revealed that leaders of the peoples democratic party, PDP, in Oyo state commended him for being blunt in his criticism of the leadership style of the Executive Governor of the state, Engr. Seyi Makinde.

OYOINSIGHT.COM had earlier reported how the Ibadan-based lawyer condemned Governor Makinde for his failure to create a think-tank team.

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Akintola, in a statement made available to OYOINSIGHT.COM on Sunday morning, also described Engr. Jide Adeyemo, who criticized his submission on the current state of leadership in the state, as a man who knows little about him and criticized his stand out of context.

He wrote, “This fellow, Adeyemo knows very little about me and what I stand for. He is however entitled to his opinion on the subject matter. He should go and read the unedited transcript of the interview I granted. I spoke not on Moniya Iseyin road, I spoke not on education, I spoke not on flood disaster, I spoke not on education and sundry issues brought up by Engr Adeyemo.

“I addressed the questions put to me and other ancillary issues germane to the question. Unlike the disco critics who equate personal animosity with public interest, I identified the issues affecting the state, the template of development for the state and various actors therein, commend the actors where need be, castigate their actions when necessary, proffers solution where necessary and even commend Seyi Makinde where and when necessary.

“Perhaps, Adeyemo does not know that I covert no political appointment. If I had wanted political appointment I would have gotten one long ago but I desire none but elective ones.”

The APC chieftain also disclosed that he does not live on government because politics to him is a temporary occupation.

On his decision not to support the COVID-19 funding of the state government, he wrote, “I had given to the down troddens and the poorest of the poor far more than what I would have contributed to the fund through radio stations, religious organisations, professional bodies communities and some individuals without making noise and this was attested to by the managements of radio stations even during the interview under reference.

“I did say during the course of the interview that ‘having is not a function of giving’ and that everyone has a motive for giving and not to give. It is within the purview of individual rights to chose what he wants to do.”

He added, “Judging from the thousands of commendations I had received from all over the world including those from PDP leaders in and outside the state for being blunt in my assessment of the developing template of our state in the interview, the few comments of distortion from the disco critics move me not.

“Some of them confessed never being seized of the contents of my interview but chosed to take same out of context. Even before leaving the studio, hundreds of compatriots have besieged the premises of Fresh FM asking for the transcript and giving out money for photocopies. Compatriots like Engr Adeyemo should be saved from their ignorance of the contents of the interview. Let someone on this platform oblige him with a copy free of cost.”

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