Home News Akinjide: My Dad Felt The British Messed Nigeria Up — Son

Akinjide: My Dad Felt The British Messed Nigeria Up — Son


Abayomi Akinjide, one of the children of a former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, late Chief Richard Akinjide ( SAN ), has revealed that his father felt the British messed up the country.

He also described his late father a man who loved his family and wanted greatness for them because he believes that ” to achieve greatness , the route is through education”.

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Abayomi disclosed this in an interview with PUNCH on the last moments of his father.

He said, “He was a man who loved his family and wanted greatness for his family . He said, to achieve greatness, the route is through education. He was passionate about us being very well educated. He, together with Mum, insisted that I apply to Cambridge University.

“As a young man, I was very happy to go to the London University. They were the ones who pushed me to go for the best. That would give you an insight into the kind of person he was. With his grandchildren, it was the same. He would always say he had given us good education, we must do better with our own children.”

Speaking on why he thinks his father became famous in his chosen career and the Nigerian political scene from age 27, he said, “I think part of it was that he was exposed. He schooled both in Nigeria and abroad. He had a broad range of life experience . He understood the power structure of colonialism and wanted independence for Nigeria. He belonged to that pioneering generation and he saw a great opportunity for the country.”

“To the outside world, Dad ’s temperament was that of somebody who didn’t suffer fools gladly; who put a great emphasis on quality. He was a fearless politician ; he did not mind being in the minority if it was for what he believed in.

“He was a fighter and a real Ibadan man. Ibadan people are traditionally warriors. That characteristic was in him. For democracy, he was detained and the family suffered but we always belt it was for a worthwhile course,” he added.

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