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There are always more than one perspections to the understanding of an individual. On the case of Ajimobi, he was many things to many people, he had more than one Identity. He was an able man, he was a business administrator, he was a husband, he was an extrovert, he was a politician, he was a senator, and most importantly, he was a Governor.

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It is not strange that many a people talk of him as a politician and Governor, while neglecting his other identities. This is understandable, to be widely talked about, you must have achieved for yourself, what millions of people are struggling to achieve without success.

Ajimobi as a man achieved great feat for himself, he struggled to become the most important person in Oyo State for good eight years. In all those eight years, he was all in all, his words were law, his smile was blessing to many, he was that influential.

In the quest to obtain fame, wealth, or acceptability, a lot of people sell off their conscience, they sell their originality and put up appearance that is not originally theirs. This has been a popular model people adopted to obtain worldly things, most especially in politics. But, Ajimobi, by his nature, went against this model. For all he achieved in his lifetime, there was never a time it was said that he put up a fake appearance. He made known to people, the single trait that is seen to be his flaw – he talked much. He talked on almost every issue, even on the issue a lot of people would not have expected him to talk about.

Ajimobi was extraordinary, he was a special creation. It is always difficult for people that talk much to rise to an enviable position such as the position of Governor, because they would have offended people that would want to help them to power, with their mouths. Ajimobi beat that against all odds.

I have no issue with people that are considered arrogant, pride is not such a bad thing if you have evidence to back it up. Ajimobi was obviously sure of himself. But, I can not agree that he was the best thing that had ever happened to Oyo State in governing process. No Governor either in the past or in present was or is best thing that has happened to Oyo State, they all come, do little, abandon the rest, then pass on the power to the next occupant.

Since the beginning of the fourth republic in 1999, no Governor has performed up to the standards, they have always been offering us sub standard performance, this is not limited to Oyo State, it is the same across the country.

However, there are still levels in the sub standards performance, some are very low, while some are a little bit fair. In road construction and security, Ajimobi is fair.

It is true that everything comes at a price. No Governor has ever governed Oyo State for consecutive two terms, Ajimobi that tried it successfully died just a year after he left office. Myth or coincidence? I will let you be the judge.

He was highly spiritual I guess, he was observant and he was real to himself. Because his father did not live up to seventy years of age, he had suspected that he might not live beyond that range. But, according to him, he prayed to live up to seventy which he did. If he had know his prayer would be answered easily like that or that life would still be interesting in his seventy, he would have prayed for ninety or hundred, but no one knows what tomorrow holds. That is why it is said that you should becareful of what you wish for, for you may get it.

Owolabi (Labby Owoboye) writes this from Oyo

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