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Ajimobi: Deed Of Gift Is Legal | Ibrahim Adejare


Aare Abdul-Azeez Arisekola Alao was a cheerful giver. It is on record that no fewer than fifty Ibadan elites and politicians Arisekola gifted either land or house in Ibadan. He also extended this act of generosity to other prominent personalities outside Ibadan City.

One day, while Otunba Alao Akala held sway as the Oyo State Governor, he paid a courtesy visit to Arisekola in his Bashorun palatial home. As a mark of love and respect, Arisekola gifted Akala a house in Ibadan. I know the house. The house is on Awosika Street, Bodija, Ibadan. That is the house Akala lives in till date.

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On 16th February, 2009, before Ajimobi became the governor of Oyo State, Arisekola, in his usual altruistic disposition, gave the late Senator Abiola Ajimobi a parcel of land he bought during Akala administration. This was done through DEED OF GIFT. This is constitutional and legal.

That parcel of land is located in Agodi GRA, Ibadan. All documents pertaining to the said land were perfected and handed to the late Senator Ajimobi before he became the governor of Oyo State. There was no contention as regards the ownership of the land till Ajimobi ended his tenure as the governor of the State in May 2019.

The said quarter (land) was purchased by Alhaji Arisekola at the sum of seventy-eight million and two hundred thousand naira only, sequel to an advertisement inviting interested members of the public to bid for lease of some of Oyo State Government quarters.

Seyi Makinde became the governor of Oyo State. The first assignment he embarked on was malicious revocation of Ajimobi’s land. He revoked the certificate of occupancy (C-of-O) of the land. He did not stop at that, he deployed thugs and miscreants to forcefully take Ajimobi’s vehicles plying the road. This is pure abuse and misuse of power. Didn’t Ajimobi have every right to own property, legally?

Fortunately, the late Governor did not go the way of violence, unlike his successor. He took his grievances to the High Court, suing the Oyo State Government to enforce his fundamental rights to ownership of property. Chief Bayo Ojo is the attorney on the said suit. The case is still pending in court.

If Ajimobi were to be vindictive and desirous of toeing the line of Seyi Makinde, he would have revoked the certificates of occupancy of the land given to Otunba Alao Akala by Aare Arisekola too. Also, he would have deployed state apparatus to withdraw many land owned by his political opponents and detractors. Ajimobi did not do that. He followed the rule of law. He believed that power is transient and life is ephemeral.

This is what Governor Seyi Makinde should learn from Ajimobi. He doesn’t have more than two terms to stay in office. He will soon become an ordinary citizen. Mr Governor should tread the path of honour and obedience to the rule of law.

May the souls of Aare Arisekola Alao and Abiola Ajimobi rest in peace.

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