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Ajanaku Calls For Investigation Over Invasion Of Court To Rearrest Sowore

Reacting to last Friday court invasion and eventual rearrest of the Convener of the RevolutionNow, Omoyele Sowore, by the Department of the State Security, the Asiwaju Odo O’dua (Odua Youths Leader) Asiwaju Rotimi Ajanaku called on the appropriate authorities to carry out unbias investigation to unravel the mystery behind the show of shame.
Ajanaku who made the statement yesterday described the court invasion as barbaric, disrespect for the constitution.
“While I wouldn’t want to pokenose into a case already in court, it however behoves of me to categorically state clearly here that the drama that happened inside the competent court of law on Friday, last week is unacceptable, embarrassing.”
“This could be an act or attempt to disparage the APC led Federal Government and to portray President Muhammad Buhari as unrepentant human rights violator, as well as an apostle of anarchy government.”
Ajanaku cautioned the Federal Government not to succumb to pressure from anyone in the cause of investigation and should not allow the report to be thrown into dust bin or under carpet, but ensure that the report is publicly published, that’s the only way to clear the party as well as president Buhari’s name.
“What people failed to realise is possibility of enemies within. If the allegations against the DSS are found to be true, then no one must be shielded but allow to face the wrath of law. One wonder why an agency of the Federal Government that has every instrument to arrest any citizen without causing embarrassment for the nation descended so low to ridicule the entire nation before international community.”
“Knowing the importance of the case involved and that over 200 million people across the globe were glued either to the television or social media waiting for the pronouncement of the court, the act is unforgiveable and action must be taken accordingly.”
“On the other hand, should the allegation of stagemanaging the situation levelled by the DSS against Sowore’s group be unveiled to be right, then it should be seen as a criminal act and must be addressed accordingly. So, I believe the presidency should as a matter of urgency consitute an independent panel of enquiry to fish out those behind the urgly incident.”
“It’s stupidity that can make someone to take a sensitive issue of this nature for granted or with levity. The issue has started generating heat both within and outside the country. The respect, dignity, and honour accorded Nigerians living abroad will be affected. Nigeria International Trade will suffer setback, investors from developed nations will be discouraged. How do you expect a citizen from a country accused of having no respect for the rule of law to be treated. Already, America has started investigating the issue.”
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