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AFIJIO Residents Hail Seyi Adisa’s Historic Victory


It is the first time ever in the history of electioneering in AFIJIO state constituency of the Oyo State House of Assembly, that one candidate will win in all the 15 units of Awe, one of the most politically-upward towns in the constituency where votes are fiercely contested. 

Barrister Seyi Adisa of the All Progressives Congress (APC) won all the units without losing one to the other contesting parties. Not done, the APC candidate added colour to this particular feat by winning in all the 3 wards in Ilora that accommodates AFIJIO’s largest voting population.

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The electorate in AFIJIO have not ceased from hailing Adisa’s historic victory, saying that though it was unprecedented, it wasn’t unexpected.

“Voting en masse for Barrister Seyi Adisa was the only way we could repay him for everything he showed and showered on us over the past years in Afijio, long before he decided to run for office last year. He is not an ordinary politician and he means well for Afijio”, a voter in Awe named Zico expressed.

In Ilora, voters were seen gathering in different circles celebrating the feat achieved, most of them citing examples of the people programmes that Seyi Adisa embarked on in the past year, adding that they hope he will continue such programmes now that he is elected.

“We believe he will continue. We all knew he will win convincingly because Ejekaseyi projects helped a lot of people in very good ways, especially that empowerment thing he did for 100 people. We even pray for him”, Laide Akinbiyi in Ilora said.

Seyi Adisa polled 8,722 votes, winning over 80% in the 10 wards across Awe, Akinmorin, Fiditi, Ilora, Jobele, Imini, Ilu-aje, and Ojutaye, to win the seat.

He is already touted to bring a lot of his legal and executive experience as a practicing barrister and as a principal private secretary to a Governor, to help in matters of efficient law-making in the 9th house of assembly of Oyo state.

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